How Anda Adam met her godparents and who they are. “We Met in Hollywood”

When Tzancă Urganu and his wife, Alina Marymar, announced that they could no longer be their godparents, Anda Adam and Joseph immediately turned to Oana and Gerald Ciolacu, who immediately agreed to lead them to the altar on Saturday, June 29.

Anda Adam’s godmother is good friends with Anamaria Prodan

Oana and Gerald Ciolacu were the surprise godparents at the wedding of Anda Adam and Joseph Mohaci. The two Romanians, who became millionaires in Las Vegas, are also good friends with impresario Anamaria Prodan.

Oana and Gerald Ciolacu met Anda Adam (44 years old) and Joseph Eudor Mohaci at the filming of “Miami Bici 2”, a film produced by Codin Maticiuc and Matei Dima (alias BRomania), in which the artist’s husband also played.

They got along great from the start, so they formed a close friendship. The singer and her husband recently visited Oana and Gerald in Las Vegas and went to a David Guetta concert together.

“We met in Hollywood. On the filming sets of “Miami Bici 2”. I really liked it because it helped us. She, having experience, guides us how to prepare. How to control our emotions.

Ditamai diva Anda Adam he was through the trees and reeling us in. It helped us a lot. I was impressed. How I perceived it from behind the screen and what I saw in reality.

We were honored by the invitation to be godparents. They are extraordinary people, with principles of life, and we had good chemistry as a couple. They came to Las Vegas. We went to David Guetta’s together, we also had fun at home.” said godmother Oana Ciolacu, for Antena Stars.

Oana and Gerald Ciolacu have been living in the United States of America for more than two decades. They moved to Las Vegas where they live the perfect life as millionaires, are influential public figures and own a real estate business together.

They also appeared on the small screens, playing in the comedy “Miami Bici 2”, but also in Anamaria Prodan’s reality show, which aired on Antena Stars. Gerald and Oana Ciolacu have a very close relationship with the impresario for many years, they are family friends.

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