Ilan Laufer announces the separation of FIN from George Simion and the AUR Alliance. The serious allegations he makes

The president of the National Identity Force (FIN) party, Ilan Laufer, announced on Friday the separation from George Simion and the AUR Alliance, following a decision taken unanimously by the members of the formation.

Ilan Laufer: Simion knew he wasn't going to honor his own signature Photo: Facebook

The former minister for the Business Environment accuses the AUR leader of serious violations of several articles of the “Alliance Collaboration and Operation Protocol” and of treating his collaborators with “contempt and humiliation”.

The National Identity Force Party officially declares its separation from George Simion and AUR Alliance. Since we joined the AUR Alliance, the AUR president has been exerting pressure on the members of the Alliance parties to register directly on the AUR platform and hand over the membership records, thus undermining the legal autonomy and integrity of the component parties. This behavior denotes that the AUR Alliance was designed mainly for the illegal transfer of the members of the component parties to the AUR Party, an attempt to eliminate the sovereignist parties from the Alliance, with the clear aim of confiscating and destroying the nationalist and sovereignist movement in Romania. The protocol was signed from the very beginning only for media purposes, to avoid the public perception that the president of the AUR is an isolated and unfrequented person in the political landscape”, wrote Ilan Laufer on his Facebook page.

The president of the National Identity Force party accuses the AUR leader of “contempt and humiliation” with which they treat their collaborators will lead to the destruction of the formation.

Although many Romanians of good faith put their hopes in this political project, the president of AUR, trying to destroy the sovereignist movement, insists that his main strategy remains focused on blockade, circus and media scandal, although people are waiting for real solutions for the acute problems they face. This modus operandi of the AUR President will do nothing but isolate the AUR Party on the political stage and lead to the departure of other parties from the Alliance, as well as the loss of good faith people in the AUR, whose trust has been betrayed. The contempt and humiliation, difficult to express in words, with which George Simion treats his closest collaborators leads to the destruction of this political project and will lead to the destruction of the AUR Party”. Laufer stated.

Laufer: Simion knew he wasn't going to honor his own signature

Ilan Laufer claims that although George Simion put his signature on the “Protocol of Collaboration and Operation of the AUR Alliance”, “he had no intention, from the very beginning, to respect his own signature”accusing him of serious violations of the following articles thereof:

– Articles 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 which regulate the establishment and functioning of the management forums, the adoption of decisions, the structure and order of the lists of eligible candidates in the elections, as well as the algorithm of compilation of electoral lists.

– Article 3, letter A, regarding the development of the common political and governance program;

– Article 3, letter B, regarding the participation of Alliance parties on common lists and respect for the candidates proposed by each individual party.

Laufer emphasizes that the decision regarding the withdrawal of the FIN Party from the AUR Alliance was taken unanimously by its members.

Thus, both I and my colleagues from the FIN Party dedicated our efforts and work within the AUR Alliance in order to contribute to this political construction. However, we find that the discovered reality is a cruel one and goes against the protocol we signed, but also the essential democratic principles and the nationalist and sovereign values ​​for which we are fighting, which is why all colleagues from the FIN management unanimously decided to we are withdrawing from the AUR Alliance“, mentions the leader of the formation.

Laufer also claims that the National Identity Force Party: “will continue to fight for the democratic values ​​in which we strongly believe, for Romania's sovereignty and development within the European Union and for Romania's security within NATO.”

George Simion, the president of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, signed last November the association protocol with the National Identity Force for the construction of what he called a “authentic sovereign pole“, he mentioning that the road to 50% plus one, in the 2024 elections, “is pure mathematics”, according to Agerpres.