Marcel Răducanu destroys the transfer of Dennis Man to Borussia Dortmund. “Let's be serious!”

Dennis Man is having his best season at Parma since leaving FCSB. The star of the Serie B formation would have aroused the interest of bigger clubs, including Borussia Dortmund, as announced by the Italian press. But the Germans have a completely different transfer strategy, buying players under the age of 20 and then selling them for exorbitant sums. So the 25-year-old Romanian would have no way of reaching the formation in Dortmund, as Marcel Răducanu, a good connoisseur of the German group, explains.

Dennis Man is a basic man at Parma. Photo EPA EFE

The former great player believes that the Romanian international has no chance of reaching Borussia. Marcel Răducanu is convinced that the information that appeared in Italy will remain at the rumor level: “How old is Dennis Man? 25? Well, and he's playing in Serie B at that age… Do you think Borussia Dortmund is paying for a player at his age there? Borussia takes 18-20-year-old footballers, whom they then sell for large sums.

Dennis Man has no chance to play in the Bundesliga and especially in Dortmund. Let's be serious! What has he done so far? He has some good matches in Italy's second division. If he is so good, why don't Inter or AC Milan keep him there. What, I can't see him from there?

Moving is impossible

I don't think this transfer will happen. When a club of this level takes a player over 24-25 years old it has to be a superstar, like Bayern took Harry Kane. How much would Dennis Man cost? Never give Dortmund 10 million euros on a footballer like Man. Don't get me wrong: I would like the transfer to be done or as a Romanian player to come and play in the Bundesliga, but it seems impossible for me to make this move”, said Marcel Răducanu for ProSport.

Marcel Răducanu has a football school in Dortmund.  Facebook photo

Marcel Răducanu has a football school in Dortmund. Facebook photo

The Italian press wrote that the Parma footballer would have entered the sights of Borussia Dortmund, who will send their representatives to a match to track the Romanian. “The Bundesliga is eyeing Serie B. Their eyes are on Ternana – Parma. Emissaries of Borussia Dortmund will be present at the match that will be played on Saturday at the Libero Liberati stadium in Terni.

Tomorrow he will be watched by the emissaries of the Dortmund club

Parma striker Dennis Man is in the sights of the German club. Borussia Dortmund observers will monitor the match and, most likely, all attention will be focused on the talented Romanian footballer. Man is being followed. Borussia Dortmund are studying the situation. And Saturday's game will be an important opportunity to take a closer look at a potential market target.”noted the Italians from tuttomercatoweb.

Dennis Man is in the prime of his career: this season he has made 23 appearances for Parma, scoring 10 goals and providing 5 assists. His team is in first place in Serie B, with great chances of promotion.