Godină and Cioroianu, acid exchange of lines in the online environment. “He answered Emilia Șercan in a rude way”

A fierce dispute broke out, in the online environment, between Marian Godină and Adrian Cioroianu, generating waves of reactions from the virtual community. It all started with a post by journalist Emilia Șercan, who raised the issue of the low temperature inside the National Library.

Marian Godină, Emilia Șercan and Adrian Cioroianu PHOTO Collage Facebook

The post of Adrian Cioroianu, the director of the National Library, attracted harsh criticism from Godină.

“Message for a lady who seems to have finally found her purpose: Emilia Șercan keeps taking her temperature in the hallways of the National Library, with a room thermometer. I don't want to seem inelegant, but I would have a reply, by virtue of freedom of expression and in the register of Olten humor, that today is still the birthday of the great Marin Sorescu: madam, wouldn't a thermometer under your arm help you more?!

Emilia Sercan looks for new plagiarism in Mircea Geoană and, in passing, also takes the temperature through the open spaces of the National Library… Today she attacks me again, which is already becoming fun (compulsive is something else, with her). If I was convinced that it was good for her, I would leave her alone. But I might leave it alone, because there is still the idea of ​​slander in modern justice”Cioroianu wrote on Facebook.

To respond to the attack on Emilia Șercan, Godină called Cioroianu “limited evil” and “dobitoc”. He emphasized the seriousness of the situation, noting that the disclosure of information by the library director regarding journalistic works makes vulnerable not only the investigation, but also the person involved.

Anyone can go to the library, Mr. Cioroianu, and ask for any book, even about the causes of hemorrhoids, without the fear that it is possible that a bastard who works there temporarily, maybe even as a director, will make this public.” Godiná transmitted.

In the explosive exchange of remarks on social media, Cioroianu called Godină a “sneaky militiaman” and “embarrassing”, and the latter retaliated with insults to the former foreign minister.

Emilia Șercan continued to draw attention to the conditions in the National Library, posting images of thickly dressed readers in the icy halls of the institution.

Later, Cioroianu accused the journalist of lying and publicly revealed the information she requested from the library.