In Cannes, on May 17, the film Three Kilometers to the End of the World, directed by Emanuel Pârvu, will have its world premiere

Three kilometers to the end of the world is in the Official Competition of the 77th edition of the International Film Festival. Hot from Cannes, director Emanuel Pârvu will speak at Adevărul Live.

On the set of Three Kilometers to the End of the World

The third feature film signed by Emanuel Pârvu

The film, produced by Miruna Berescu, stars Bogdan Dumitrache (Alas, Sierra Nevada, Baby's position), Laura Vasiliu (4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days), Ciprian Chiujdea (making his feature film debut), Ingrid Micu-Berescu (The anniversary,
Meda or The Not So Happy Side of Things), Valeriu Andriuță (Miracle,
Over the hills).

It is the third feature film signed by Emanuel Pârvu, after his debut Meda or The Not So Happy Side of Things which received 2 awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2018, for best director and best lead actor (Şerban Pavlu) and feature film Moroccoselected at the 2021 San Sebastian Festival.

Three kilometers to the end of the world is directed by Emanuel Pârvu based on a script signed by Emanuel Pârvu and Miruna Berescu, the image of the film is signed by Silviu Stavilă (Morocco, Merchandise and Money, Niki Ardelean – Reserve Colonel), edited by Mircea Olteanu (MRI, baccalaureate,
illegitimate), and the scenography and costumes by Bogdan Ionescu (Metronome, Beyond the Railroad).

The cast also includes actors: Adrian Titieni (Familiar, Baccalaureate, Dad moves mountains), Richard Bovnoczki (Dragon, Aurora), Alina Berzunțeanu (Metronome, QED), Vlad Brumaru (Morocco, Hackerville) and Radu Gabriel (5 minutes, Meda or the not so happy side of things).

The Cannes Official Competition is something that, as a director, you probably dream of all your life, the place where you want your films to be seen, where you want to be. There are so many “paths” that, at a given moment, you can take – from the idea of ​​the film to the script, from locations to the actual filming, from acting to editing, that you don't even know exactly where to start bound. Surely from God. A big thank you to everyone involved, we made a great team together and here's our first (big) recognition.said Emanuel Parvu.

The plot, in short

Adi is a 17-year-old teenager from a village in the Danube Delta, who, through the efforts of his parents, is studying in Tulcea. Coming home for the summer vacation, Adi feels good with his family and his best friend, Ilinca. When the family is violently confronted with a truth they can neither understand nor accept, the unconditional love Adi should receive from his parents suddenly disappears, and Adi is left with only one solution.

Last year, in September, we were filming in Delta, at Sfântu Gheorghe. Today, we receive this news with enormous joy, news that we share with each of those who have been with us in the work on this film. I think we couldn't have wished for a world premiere for our film other than at the Cannes Film Festival, and to know that our work will be in the Official Competition in the company of films by Coppola, Cronenberg or Lanthimos is like a prize in addition. It will certainly be an extraordinary experience at Cannes, but we are also thinking about the moment when the public in Romania will see this film on the big screens, probably this autumn.added Miruna Berescu.

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