Iohannis, at the conference in Paris to support Ukraine: We reaffirm our unity and determination

President Klaus Iohannis, present at the conference organized by Emmanuel Macron for Ukraine, emphasized in a message on the X platform that supporting the state invaded by Russia two years ago ensures the protection of freedom and democracy.

The president participates in the conference organized by his French counterpart PHOTO Klaus Iohannis / X

In Paris for the working meeting hosted by President Emmanuel Macron to further strengthen our multidimensional support for Ukraine, two years since Russia started this illegal war. We reaffirm our unity and determination. By supporting Ukraine, we protect our freedom and democracy”Klaus Iohannis wrote on the X network, formerly Twitter.

President Klaus Iohannis was participating on Monday, in Paris, together with a number of allied leaders, in a working meeting on Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and the intensification of efforts to continue the support given to Ukraine.

The purpose of the meeting is to “study the means available to strengthen the cooperation of partners in support of Ukraine”, explained the French presidency, without giving details.

According to the cited source“this working meeting will allow to study the means available for strengthening cooperation between partners in support of Ukraine”.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently admitted that Ukraine is in a position “extremely difficult” on the front, in the context in which February 24 marked two years since the launch of the large-scale attack by Moscow.

French President Emmanuel Macron has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that France's support for Ukraine “will not weaken” and that it “should not be 'based' on a 'fatigue among Europeans'”.

“Two years of war. Beaten and wounded, but still standing. Ukraine is fighting for itself, for its ideals, for our Europe. Our commitment to her will not weaken”wrote Macron, in a message posted by the Elysée Palace on the X social network on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the start of the Russian invasion.

“President Putin's Russia must not rely on fatigue among Europeans”also warned the French presidency, showing at the same time that “the outcome of this war will be decisive for European interests, values ​​and security”.

“France is and will remain with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people”, concludes the message sent by the Elysée Palace.