Amy Schumer's health problems continue. She revealed that she suffers from Cushing's syndrome

Amy Schumer is talking about her health problems again. After announcing in 2020 that she has Lyme disease, now the actress is facing Cushing's syndrome, according to the BBC.

Amy Schumer was criticized by fans for how she looks, photo Profimedia

Her confessions come as a result of several criticisms she received in the virtual environment from fans and not only, who drew her attention to the fact that she looks a bit “bloated” lately.

Schumer was invited to American television stations to talk about the second season of the sitcom “Life And Beth”, which she wrote, directed and starred in. During the promotional tour, the actress, who also starred in the comedy series “Inside Amy Schumer”, as well as in the feature films “Trainwreck” (2015) and “I Feel Pretty” (2018), was also present in the shows ” The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “The View”. Afterwards, she was bombarded with a barrage of jokes about her face, as well as medical speculation and supportive comments.

In her initial response, Schumer said the change in appearance was caused by endometriosis. The diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome, which the actress later received, made her feel “reborn”, the actress said.

She also stated that all the negative comments about her appearance, in reality, were of real use to her. “Besides the health concerns, I also had to be in front of the camera and make the internet “buzz”. But thank God it happened like that” Because that's how I realized that something was wrong”, said the actress who was one of the hosts of the Oscar gala in 2022.

Cushing's syndrome, with which Amy Schumer was diagnosed, is caused by an excess accumulation in the body of the hormone cortisol, the so-called “stress hormone” and its concentration remains high for longer periods. It most often affects people taking steroids.

“There are several types of Cushing's. Some can be fatal, requiring brain surgery or removal of the adrenal glands. (…) I have that kind of syndrome that will disappear by itself and I am healthy, which is the greatest news imaginable” – said the actress for the News Not Noise newsletter.