Irinel Columbeanu's daughter is coming to Romania next month: “She asked me for power of attorney!”

Hardly tried by fate in recent years, the former billionaire from Izvorani Irinel Columbeanu (66 years old), now admitted to the asylum in Ghermanesti, is waiting for an important visit in a few weeks.

Irina, with her parents, when they were a family. PHOTO Archive

The former billionaire from Izvorani confessed to Click! that his daughter is about to arrive in the country

Irina, the daughter of Irinel Columbeanu and Monica Gabor, is a real young lady. He is 16 years old and has an enviable ambition. It has already stood out from an artistic point of view. He really likes to write and paint.

From 2018, the teenager permanently moved to the United States of America, together with Monica Gabor and her partner, Mr. Pink (initially Irina was in the care of her father), after Monica Gabor and Irinel Columbeanu divorced five years after their marriage .

The scandal after the divorce was related to the custody of their daughter, which the former millionaire won in court.

“I'm looking forward to it”

It is the first time in the last more than five years that Irina comes to the country.

“I talk to my daughter quite often. Recently I heard from her and she asked me for a power of attorney because she needs to come to Romania for her passport at the embassy. He will come to the country on the 20th or so, next month. I look forward to it. He hasn't come to Romania since 2018, five years have passed since then”the former millionaire told Click!

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