Italian appalled by a product found in a supermarket in Romania: “It comes in boxes, I don't understand why”

An Italian was surprised by the way the products are presented on the shelf in a supermarket in Romania and posted a clip on Tik Tok, in which he gives some examples, such as butter sold in anti-theft boxes, transparent tuna cans and ketchup green.

The Italian was surprised by the products from a Romanian supermarket PHOTO Tik Tok video capture

An Italian visiting Romania said he was surprised by some products found in a supermarket, but also by the way they are displayed for sale. He posted a video on Tiktok showing his followers the products “strange” which he found.

“I went to a supermarket in Bucharest and I had a lot of fun with what I found“, the Italian describes his experience.

The Italian first stopped at the liquor department and said he was surprised to see that beer was available in two-liter cans and six-packs.

“Beers are sold in packs of six, wrapped in plastic. Each has two liters. Impressive!”, the man commented.

The answers from the Romanians did not take long to appear.
“You can also buy a single bottle of beer. You just need to take it out of the package”wrote a compatriot.

“In Romania you drink, you don't joke”, another Romanian commented ironically.

Butter anti-theft system

At the dairy district, the Italian was appalled by the display of butter on the shelf. The man did not understand that the product actually had an anti-theft system installed.

“Butter is sold in a box with a code. I don't know why. Maybe it helps to serve it easier?”, asked the Italian.

A Romanian replied: “He steals it and that's why he puts it in the box.”

The Italian entered the category “things I've never seen” cans of tuna, green ketchup and cottage cheese.

“The tuna cans are transparent and have plastic on top. I've never seen anything like it“, says the Italian.

“In Romania there is green ketchup, how spectacular!”, the man remarked.

“I don't know what that is,” the Italian declared in bewilderment, holding a small bucket of fatty cottage cheese in his hand. “Please write in the comments what it is, I'm curious. It looks like cheese.. but who knows what it's used for”, was his call.

“We eat that cheese with polenta and cream”, someone explained.

“Besides Coca Cola, the one we all know, here there is Pop Cola, a Romanian “Cola”, made here”, is another surprise for the Italian.

“Pickles are 'serious' here”

The Italian noted that both pickles and mustard are foods “serious” to Romanians, drawing the conclusion that we are lovers of these products due to their diversity and abundant presence on the shelf.

“Pickles are 'serious' here. There are whole shelves of pickles. Ditto for mustard. And mustard seems like a very “serious” product here. You can find all kinds, with all possible flavors”, is another surprising finding of the tourist.

“At the fish district, carp and crucian carp are always present, which we don't eat. There is an impressive selection of charcuterie, of all kinds, products from pork, beef, ham.” remarked the Italian.

A Romanian woman wanted to tell the Italian that it is normal for a foreigner to find strange certain things he sees in a country he visits.

“I also saw many strange things when I arrived in Italy”, says our compatriot.

Another tourist who visited Romania said he was surprised by another peculiarity of the products sold in our supermarkets: “I was struck by the diversity of juices. They have every flavor you can think of, grape, strawberry, pear, peach.”