Italy – Croatia, crazy at Euro 2024: group B ended with a crazy match!

As tough as Group A was, where Germany kind of floundered and Switzerland had minimal excitement for 2nd place, Group B was just as thrilling. Here, with one round to go, we knew Albania would go home , in proportion to 99%, and that Spain will win the 1st place. Instead, the great unknown was tied to the 2nd place, the last one that ensured the presence in the eighths. And for this 2nd place there was a fantastic battle between Italy, the European champion en-titre, and the Croatia of the magnificent Luka Modrici (38 years old).

Zaccagni, Italy’s hero from the 90+8th minute. PHOTO: Facebook

In Leipzig, the first half of the Italy-Croatia match did not, however, offer the expected show. The second part, on the other hand, was completely different! Only the scenario that brought the first goal was Oscar’s! Croatia were awarded a penalty after the intervention of VAR, and the veteran Modrici missed it, his shot saved by the giant Donnarumma. But the phase continued! And, after about 40 seconds, the ball rejected by Donnarumma returned to the Italian box. Here, the goalkeeper of the Squadra Azzurra had another incredible intervention. This time, the ball went to Modric again. Who did not forgive Italy and sent under the crossbar from 4-5 meters!

At 1-0 to Croatia, Italy, the holder of the continental title, a “trembling” for staying in the competition! And he attacked in waves. But in vain! The Croatian redoubt held out. Until the 90+8th minute. In the last phase of the game, including the defender Calafiori, he threw himself into the attack. This served Zaccagni perfectly, who equalized with a fabulous execution!

Immediately, the central Makkelie whistled the end of the game. Italy – Croatia, score 1-1, and the European champion goes to the round of 16, while the Croatia of the admirable Luka Modrici goes home.

Euro 2024, group B


Croatia – Italy 1-1

Albania – Spain 0-1


1. Spain 9 points

2. Italy 4p

3. Croatia 2p

4. Albania 1p