It’s official: Diana Iovanovici-Şoşoacă was designated by SOS as a candidate for the Presidency of Romania

On Monday, the meeting of the National Committee of the SOS Romania Party took place in Poiana Braşov to determine the candidate of this political formation who will enter the electoral race for the position of President of Romania, according to Agerpres.

Diana Sosoaca. Archive photo

With unanimity of votes, it decided to support the candidacy of the president of the party, Diana Iovanovici-Şoşoacă, in this year’s presidential elections, according to a statement sent by the press office of the formation, quoted by Agerpres.

Also, during the meeting, the leadership forum of the SOS Romania Party decided, also unanimously, on the party’s accession to the Sovereigns Group in the European Parliament, through the party’s two MEPs.

During the meeting, an analysis was made of the results of the local and European parliamentary elections and decisions were made regarding the strategy for this year’s presidential and parliamentary elections, the press release also states.

The only parties that officially designated their candidates for the Presidency of Romania are AUR, which designated George Simion, and SOS, with Diana Şoşoacă.

We remind you that she became a member of the European Parliament after the elections of June 9, when SOS won 5.03% of the votes.