Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve, an impossible love. Why did the two actors break up from the romantic movie “Somewhere, Somewhere” VIDEO

Christopher Reeve was Jane Seymour's partner not only in the romantic production “Somewhere, Sometime”, but also in life. Unfortunately, their love story came to an abrupt end.

Jane Seymour, who turns 73 on February 15, 2924, told the TCM Classic Film Festival a few years ago about their off-set relationship: “We were madly in love and life was wonderful. It was a fantastic, amazing experience”. But Seymour received the shocking news that Reeve was expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend on the same day the two were to film a love scene, but also a breakup.

“One day, I came into work to shoot one of the biggest scenes in the movie… Right before that, Chris had gotten a phone call. He told me that he had to talk to me: «Chris, I have to talk to you about something». I thought, “It's strange, we've had a lot of time to talk about things, so what could it be?”, she asked herself. “He confessed to me that he is about to have a baby and that his ex-girlfriend hid it from him”, the actress said. Her son, Kristopher, is even named after her ex-boyfriend.

Jane and Christopher Reeve lived a love that seemed endless Photo: Profimedia

Actress Jane Seymour (real name Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg) was born on February 15, 1951, in Middlesex, England, Great Britain, having Polish (by father) and Dutch (by mother) origins. She adopted the stage name Jane Seymour after entering the artistic life, taking inspiration from the name of one of the wives of King Henry VIII.

He debuted on stage when he was 13 years old, at the London Ballet Festival, after finishing his studies at the School of Educational Arts, and in 1969 he appeared in “Oh! What a Lovely War”. A year later, in 1970, she was cast in the role of Lilian Stein in “The Only Way”, writes the website cinemagia.ro. With this role, she attracted the attention of the producers of the James Bond films, becoming the “Bond girl” in the film “Live and Let Die” (1973), in which she played alongside Roger Moore. In the same year, she was cast in the series “The Onedin Line” (“Linia maritima Onedin”, 1973) and in the series “Frankenstein: The True Story” (“Frankenstein: The True Story”).

In 1978, she was Serina in the movie “Battlestar Galactica” but also in the first five episodes of the television series with the same name. He returned to the big screen in the comedy “Oh! Heavenly Dog” (1980), alongside Chevy Chase and Omar Sharif.

The role of Elise McKenna in the romantic drama “Somewhere in Time” (“Undeva, cândva”, 1980) – based on the novel “Bid Time Return” (1975) by Richard Matheson, who also wrote the film script – was one of the actress' successes, the film being broadcast in European and American countries. In the movie “Somewhere in Time” he had actors Christopher Reeve and Christopher Plummer as co-stars.

In 1981 he played in the mini-series “East of Eden”, a role that brought him a Golden Globe in 1982, for the main role Cathy Ames. A year later, he appeared in “The Scarlet Pimpernel” with Anthony Andrews and Ian McKellen. She was rewarded, in 1988, with the Emmy award for her role in the film “Onassis: The Richest man in the World”. In the same year, Jane Seymour was nominated for an Emmy Award for the role of Natalie Henry in the movie “War and Remembrance”. In 1989, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution, he appeared in the television film “Revolution Française”, filmed both in French and in English, he states cinemagia.ro.

After numerous appearances in television films, in 1993 she was cast as Michaela “Mike” Quinn, in the great series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” created by Beth Sullivan, in which she plays a female doctor, who leaves Boston and she settles in Colorado Springs, where she manages not only to save lives, but also to change mentalities, alongside Byron Sully (played by the actor Joe Lando), who becomes her husband in the series and with whom she founds a family.

The role in the series “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” brought Jane Seymour nominations for the Emmy and Golden Globe awards, and in 1996 she won the Golden Globe for the best actress in a television series. The series ran until 2001.

In 2013, Jane Seymour filmed in Romania for the romantic comedy “Love by Design”, directed by Michael Damian and released in 2014, in which she plays the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine in Manhattan, according to the website www.romania-insider.com.