Laura Stoica's mother, 18 years after the artist's death: “Where she is, the world is not like here”

On March 9, 2024, it will be 18 years since Laura Stoica died, together with her fiance, Cristian Mărgescu, in a terrible road accident. The artist's mother is preparing to commemorate her, according to Click!.

“That's what God wanted. She was neither the first nor the last girl to die young. Life goes on. I will go to the Church on the 9th of next month and give alms. I'm going to make a nice hut, I'm going to take some wine and I'm going to give some prescuras. I don't think the packages make me give alms because in these hard times I can't really afford them (..)“, said Elena Stoica for Click!

Elena and Laura Stoica. PHOTO Collage Click

“It's much better than on Earth”

Laura was pregnant at the time when the car she and her boyfriend were in was smashed by a car driving the wrong way. A detail that made the tragedy even more troubling for the family and relatives.

However, Elena Stoica confesses that she consoled herself with the thought that her daughter is in a better place.

“Laura is now in a different world. Where she is, the world is not like here. It's much better than on Earth. I don't get to her cemetery very often. Unfortunately, the road to Bucharest is difficult (she lives in Târgoviște – no), but I try twice a year to reach her grave“, said the artist's mother.