Reuben, polyglot student from Oxford: “The Romanian language is my favorite”

The young man from Great Britain aroused the admiration of Romanians everywhere with a surprising statement about the Romanian language in a clip posted on TikTok. The British student detailed the similarities between the Romanian language and the Romance languages.

The British student is fascinated by the Romanian language PHOTO video capture Tik Tok

Reuben Constantine, a young British student at Oxford University, speaks 10 languages ​​fluently, but confessed that Romanian is his favorite.

The young man explained why he feels attracted to this language, highlighting the similarities with the Romance languages ​​and the Slavic influence, especially in terms of vocabulary.

“Romanian has remarkable similarities to the Romance languages, but then it also has a very cool Slavic influence, especially in the vocabulary. And it is also part of something called the . Basically, the is a group of languages ​​that are geographically close, even if they are not necessarily related to each other. For example, there is Greek, Romanian and Bulgarian – a Hellenic language, a Romance language and a Slavic language. And yet, they converge in several ways. For example, in grammar, all three of these languages ​​do not use the infinitive,” details the student at Oxford.

The clip quickly went viral on TikTok, gathering over 120,000 likes and numerous comments from Romanians, impressed by Reuben's knowledge and appreciation for our language.

Some of them thanked him for his admiration for the Romanian language, while others humorously remarked that foreigners seem to know the Romanian language better than some Romanians.

“Thank you for admiring our mother tongue”, wrote a compatriot.

“It's good that foreigners know how to speak our language better than Romanians”, another Romanian added bitterly.

“Foreigners know our roots better than we do ourselves. It's sad… But it's also admirable,”
someone else completed it.

“I'm glad that there are such well-educated foreigners who appreciate the Romanian language in a superlative way!”, remarked a Romanian woman.

“I also speak Romanian and I can say that it is a wonderful language. If you learn to speak Romanian, you will be able to understand all Romance languages ​​without any problem”, is the conclusion of an outsider.