Ligia Deca: “I don't think schools have everything they need to be able to do drug testing”

The Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, believes that drug testing of students should be carried out in medical analysis laboratories, not at school. The reasons given are the insufficient infrastructure of the schools and the need for a confidential environment for the proceedings.

Ligia Deca, Minister of Education – Photo Inquam Photos Octav Ganea

Ligia Deca claims that schools do not have the necessary infrastructure to drug test students, being invited to TVR Info. The Minister of Education believes that the privacy of the students could not be respected if the drug tests were carried out in the school unit.

At the beginning of the school year, an interministerial working group was formed with the aim of finding solutions for the problem of drug use among teenagers. So far, only prevention activities have been carried out for drug use among students, and teachers have been trained to identify the signs of the use of prohibited substances.

There must be an affordable National Program for testing. If there are suspicions that a child is in a situation of vulnerability, of dependence, testing can be done with his or her consent if he or she is of age, where we generally do analyses. I think there needs to be this state investment in testing, precisely to be able to treat and to be able to prevent. I don't think that the schools, with the current infrastructure, in the vast majority of them, have everything they need to be able to do testing in the school, other areas are more suitable“, stated the Minister of Education, Ligia Deca, according to TVR Info.

Students from the Capital want drug testing in schools to limit the phenomenon.

The Bucharest Municipality Prefecture organized a public debate on measures to prevent drug use in schools, accompanied by a survey in which more than 20,000 students participated. According to the results, 60.2% agree with the introduction of drug tests in schools, 50% support periodic blood tests for the detection of psychoactive substances, and 77.2% want the inclusion of anti-drug courses in the school curriculum, considering them beneficial for young people .