“Little Asia” from the bend of the Carpathians. Several Nepalese settled and started families in Romania

Many of the Asians who arrived to work in Romania dream of becoming citizens of our country, which they consider safe for their future and that of their children. In Buzau there is already a community of Nepalese, who brought their families here. A couple even gave birth to a pair of twins at the maternity hospital in the city.

Cristina Bhandari is the daughter of a Nepalese couple who work at a restaurant in Buzau. At only five years old, the child with Asian features knows three foreign languages, and she speaks Romanian better and better, because she learns it in kindergarten.

She has been at the Boboceii Kindergarten for almost two years, where she is brought daily by one of her parents. Tulsi and his wife work different shifts so that they have someone to take the little one to and from kindergarten.

Cristina was only three years old when she was brought from Nepal to Romania. She quickly grasps everything that is taught to her in class, the little girl's parent is proud. “He knows how to speak Romanian better than us. We also learn with her”Tulsi Bhandari, the girl's father, tells us.

Cristina's father has been working in Romania for four years and plans to stay here, with his family, for the rest of his life. So do many Nepalis in the group of friends.

Ravi and Prateema are Tulsi's best friends. They are colleagues at work, and in their free time they go out with the children in the city parks. The Nepalese in Buzau are like an extended family, and the ties are even closer since Prateema gave birth to twins at the maternity hospital in Buzau.

The Nepalese have big plans. “I want to buy a car, to make it easier for me to move around. I will try to get the license. It's my dream to buy a car and visit Romania, cities like Bucharest, Constanta, Brașov”Tulsi tells us.

If women are eager to travel the country, men think more pragmatically. However, obtaining Romanian citizenship is everyone's dream. “We like everything in Romania. The climate is similar to that of our country. I brought my wife, I have two healthy children and if possible we would like to become citizens of Romania”Kajji Chhetri “Ravi” tells us. “I can't wait for summer, to go to the sea, to Constanța”his wife, Prateema, completes him.

Ravi and Tulsi are chefs at a famous restaurant in Buzau, where most of the employees are Asian. Here, the two Nepalese learned the secrets of Romanian cuisine. “Our employees are half Asian and half local and we work together as if we were of Romanian nationality”declares Roulan, restaurant representative.

Last year, a number of 940 foreigners requested the extension of their right of residence in Buzău county, most of them for employment and family reunification.