The lethal combination hidden in a beautiful package. Doctor: “These thrills can be deadly to the uninitiated”

Energy drinks represent a real threat to the health of Romanians, claim medical professionals. Thus, the beautifully packaged products that attract more and more followers are nothing but a lethal combination of substances.

Teenager drinking energy drinks PHOTO SOURCE Shutterstock

Specialists claim that these drinks can cause real health problems and that patients with undiagnosed cardiovascular problems can be extremely affected by their consumption.

The potentially lethal combination

Dr. Tudor Ciuhodaru from Iași, we are talking about the combination that can be lethal and that can cause a lot of cardiovascular diseases. At the same time, he claims that there are certain categories of people who are prone to developing complications.

There is a potentially lethal combination between high doses of caffeine, taurine and sugar. When they have doses three times higher than in a coffee, multiple cardiovascular disorders can occur in a person who is not used to this type of stimulant. At the same time, undiagnosed cardiovascular diseases can become acute and complicated. At the same time, it is the important sugar content: about 10 spoons of sugar contains such a drink. So, we have to think that these combinations, with alcohol, might be a big question mark for the body's adaptation. At the same time, psychomotor agitation occurs, but the effects on the cardiovascular system are extremely serious“, stated Dr. Tudor Ciuhodaru.

The solutions that can save many lives

The sale of energy drinks to minors was prohibited by law. However, doctors are still concerned and present some methods by which tragedies involving minors could be prevented.

Recently, a young man of only 13 years died on the sports field, after a training. He had consumed, on that day, no less than three energy drinks which, in the end, were fatal. A similar case took place a few months ago in Iasi. Then, a 17-year-old young man, who had consumed five energy drinks in one day, could no longer be saved by the doctors.

Health education, including nutritional education, is one solution. An extra chapter in biology class can mean the difference between life and death. There should be warning signs for these types of drinks. At the same time, the notions of first aid should be known from school, in order to intervene quickly, if necessary“, adds the doctor from Iași.