March headlines on Netflix: a new series “3 Body Problem” and a movie with Adam Sandler VIDEO

Dozens of films, series and documentaries will be available on the Netflix streaming platform in the first month of spring, Pagina de Media announces.

Netflix will air “3 Body Problem”, a series from the creators of Game of Thrones, inspired by the book of the same name, where five brilliant friends make earth-shattering discoveries across continents and decades, as the laws of science unravel and an existential threat emerges; “spaceman”, a film starring Adam Sandler as an astronaut on a solo mission for six months, where he faces marital problems with the help of a mysterious creature he discovers on his ship; “Shirley”where Regina King is Shirley Chisholm, a prominent political figure, being the first black woman to serve in Congress and run for the presidency of the United States.

The Netflix platform PHOTO Pixabay

In addition to these, Netflix also brings “Supersex”, a series inspired by the life of Rocco Siffred, the most famous porn star in the world; “damsel”where Millie Bobby Brown is a dutiful young lady who agrees to marry a handsome prince, only to discover that the royal family actually wants to sacrifice her to pay off an old debt.

In addition, the 8 seasons of “Dexter”the movies “Belfast”Ford v. Ferrari”, “Spotlight”, “Last Night in Soho”but also the Romanian productions “Freedom” and “Miami Whip 2″ I come to the platform.

The exact premiere date for “Dexter” has not yet been announced, only that it will be in March.