A joint PSD-PNL presidential candidate would mean the dissolution of one of the two parties

Traian Băsescu believes that the existence of a common candidate in the presidential elections from the PSD-PNL side would mean the abolition of one of the two parties, writes Agerpres.

Traian Băsescu PHOTO: The truth

The former president was asked, on Digi 24, what he thinks about the idea of ​​a joint PSD-PNL candidate for the upcoming presidential elections.

“It would mean the dissolution of a party, let's see which of them prefers to dissolve, because we are discussing PNL, which is the largest party, let's say, from the right and PSD, which is the largest party from the left. If one of them will not have a candidate, the Permanent Electoral Authority can go and write 'abolished' in the register. You can not. You can't even negotiate with the president. First of all, it is dishonorable for the two big parties to reach such a bargain “let's negotiate a president”. Then why God do we still go to vote?”the former president said.

He added that the leaders of the two parties, Marcel Ciolacu and Nicolae Ciucă, are not qualified and do not have the profile to become president of the country.

“No one is qualified, but we can say that about any president before he becomes president, because there is no school for presidents. After you get to Cotroceni, see what you can do from the position of president in relation to the constitutional requirements. Of course you can do a lot, but you have to stay within the Constitution to be able to carry out your mandate. (…) I was not qualified either. If I were the head of the party, I would not appoint any of them. Mr. General does not yet have, and probably will not have, the profile of a politician. The office of president is for politicians, not for generals. If we give him a battalion, a brigade, a division, he will probably know what to do with it. It's more difficult with a country, a country that doesn't follow orders, but you have to convince it to go in a certain direction”Băsescu added.

Băsescu commented that as far as Marcel Ciolacu is concerned, he is surprised “that the press is so nice that they no longer show him pictures with Omar Hayssam from time to time when they were great friends, they went hunting in Buzău”.

“Sure, there's a lot to talk about here. I think none of them have the profile of the president and we will see what comes out. At Cotroceni we also need people who have the courage to innovate. I don't see Ciucă innovating”Băsescu added.

The former president also believes that Mircea Geoană “is not a solution” for the upcoming presidential elections.