Marius Şumudica fulfilled his dream of meeting President Recep Erdogan

Marius Şumudică fulfilled his dream of meeting the Turkish president, Recep Erdogan, after he went to Gaziantep and was met at the airport by the president of the club, Memik Yılmaz, but also by the red-black player Furkan Soyalp, writes gazispor .com.

Marius Șumudică PHOTO: Sportpictures (Archive)

Gaziantep FK coach Marius Şumudica has repeatedly stated his respect and admiration for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and expressed his desire to meet him since he arrived in Turkey.

In 2018, Marius Şumudica declared that he loves Erdogan. “I love President Erdogan a lot. I would like one day to meet face to face, to shake his hand and say: 'You are the boss'. I would like to meet him, even for a minute”Şumudica then stated.

Sumudica welcomed Erdoğan to Gaziantep for a series of programs last Sunday at the airport with club president Memik Yılmaz and red-black player Furkan Soyalp, he was very pleased with this situation.