How many Romanians smoke? The situation could be much more worrying than the statistics show

Smoking is one of the most widespread vices worldwide, and Romania does not deviate from this. The statistics show that millions of Romanians smoke, the worrying fact being that many minors are among them.

Smokers PHOTO SOURCE The Truth Archive

The latest data provided by Eurostat show us that 19.8% of Romanian citizens, aged over 15, smoke every day. At the same time, there are also data provided by the World Health Organization, which indicate that, in reality, 25.7% of the majority population of Romania smokes.

Where are we at European level?

The statistics show that Romania is in the European Union average when it comes to smoking. However, experts argue that the situation is serious, because the legislation is not well established and young people are not prevented from purchasing classic cigarettes or other types of smoking devices.

“We are facing a worrying phenomenon. In other European Union countries, smoking has fallen massively in recent years. In the segment of the young population, among teenagers, the incidence of smoking is increasing in Romania. Legislation allows this and there is no public health program to show what the short and long term effects are“, states Dr. Ovidiu Alexinschi, primary psychiatrist at the Socola Institute of Psychiatry.

The situation could be worse than the numbers show

Even if the data provided by Eurostat show us that Romania is in the European Union average when it comes to smoking, with a percentage of approximately 20%, there is a possibility that, in reality, things are much worse. The new smoking gadgets, which many people don't really think of as cigarettes, could be extremely harmful to your health. According to specialists, they attract especially young people.

,,Many electronic devices have appeared on the market in Romania, with various flavors, which are interesting for young people. However, it has not been proven that they are less harmful than classic smoking, the long-term effects are not exactly known. In Romania, there are seductive cigarette packages, with flavors and promotions that, in a certain context, manage to attract young people who have not yet formed a framework of values. It is a widespread and fashionable phenomenon. In civilized countries, packages are dark, sold only in certain locations“, adds the doctor from Iași.