Microsoft is expanding the availability of its AI-powered cybersecurity assistant

Microsoft will expand the availability of its AI-based tool for cybersecurity professionals starting April 1, and will adopt a “pay-as-you-go” for this assistant, the company announced on Wednesday.

Microsoft expands availability of its cybersecurity assistant Photo: Shutterstock

Launched last year, “Security Copilot” allows analysts to run queries through a simple prompt box to help with tasks like summarizing incidents, analyzing vulnerabilities and sharing information with coworkers on a dashboard.

About 300 customers are currently using the tool, a Microsoft official said at an event in San Francisco.

The tech giant plans to charge customers based on how much they use the product, rather than on a subscription basis, as “he wanted to lower the barriers to entryVasu Jakkal, Microsoft's corporate vice president, told reporters.

The news comes after the tech giant will make French start-up Mistral AI's artificial intelligence models available through its Azure cloud computing platform in a new partnership, the companies announced on Monday.

The multi-year deal signals Microsoft's efforts to offer a variety of AI models beyond its biggest bet in OpenAI, as the tech giant tries to attract more customers for its Azure cloud services.

As part of the announcement, Microsoft will take a minority stake in Mistral AI, the startup confirmed to Reuters, without disclosing details.

The Paris-based startup is working on open source and proprietary large language models (LLMs), similar to what OpenAI pioneered with ChatGPT, which understands and generates human-like text.

Mistral's latest model, the Mistral Large, will be available to Azure customers for the first time as part of the partnership. Azure customers will be able to use more AI models from Mistral, which will also see its technology hosted on Microsoft's cloud computing platform.

Mistral has also partnered with Amazon and Google to distribute its designs. According to a spokesperson, the company plans to make Mistral Large available on other cloud platforms in the next few months.