She beat out established actresses to land the lead role in a famous film, but her career took a surprising turn

Although she didn't have even an acting lesson, Manuela Boboc got the main role in Alexandru Tatos' “Forest Fruit” in 1983. Later, because she was very emotional, she preferred a career in the puppet theater.

Manuela Boboc was a “fresh” appearance in “Forest fruits” in 1983 PHOTO

From March 12 to 16, lovers of the seventh art have the opportunity to watch Romanian heritage films, as well as recent ones, awarded at international festivals. The third edition of the CinemaUniT film festival, organized by Cinemaraton TV and the Transilvania University of Brașov, in partnership with the Apollonia Cultural Center and with the support of Brașov City Hall, will take place over five days, at the Astra cinema in Brașov.

In addition to watching films, Transilvania University students are invited to participate in masterclasses held by Nae Caranfil, Ileana Popovici and Vlad Păunescu at the Multicultural Center of the University.

The festival started with the film “Why do you call me Nora, when my sky is sunny”, directed by Carla-Maria Teaha and will end on Saturday, March 16, at 18:30, with the film “Forest fruits”, in directed by Alexandru Tatos.

The one with which the festival will end is the film that recorded the debut of a young woman from Brasov, Manuela Boboc – who, in the meantime, became Zaharie – and who, at only 19 years old, managed to gather numerous appreciations from film critics.

I had just finished high school and was 19 years old. It was exciting, especially since I auditioned with a lot of actresses and students from IATC, and I basically hadn't even taken a theater class, but maybe that's why it was even easier, because I was listening to the directions directors and every night I was told about the scene that was going to be shot the next day and then I was fresh, somehow”, remembers the actress Manuela Zaharie.

The sensitive nature prevented her from continuing her career on the big screens, but her talent did not let her move away from her career as an actress in her native Brașov.

Later, I was offered to prepare for IATC, but I didn't want big stage, because I didn't feel comfortable on big stage. And then, I chose the puppet theater. It seemed to me, as with the film, that you were transmitting the energy, but somehow you had a screen in front of you. I was very emotional, I was sensitive and emotional, and I don't think I would have been very good as an actress on the big stage, and then I chose puppetry, because I would hide behind a screen and transmit my energy with the puppet“, said Manuela Zaharie.

On Saturday evening, at the Astra cinema, the actress will be present in the hall for the film that marked the debut of a beautiful career, but not in the cinema, but in the puppet theater.