More cases of respiratory infections than previous seasons. 14 people died from the flu last week

Last week, February 5-11, the incidence of respiratory infections exceeded the average level calculated for the last seasons, announced the INSP. There were 14 new deaths due to the flu.

Wave of respiratory infections – Photo Shutterstock

The incidence of respiratory infections last week exceeded the calculated average level, but a slightly decreasing trend can be observed compared to previous weeks, the National Institute of Public Health (INSP) informed on Thursday.

The influenza epidemic spread throughout the country, and influenza activity continued at a high intensity. INSP announced that 14 new deaths due to the flu were reported, writes Agerpres.

More precisely, between January 5 and 11, 128,070 cases of respiratory infections (clinical flu, IACRS and pneumonia) were reported, registering 17.9% more cases compared to the same week of the previous season (108,672) and 5 .7% fewer cases compared to the previous week (135,870). The variation in addition to the calculated average of 118,889 cases in the last seasons (2016-2023, excluding pandemic seasons) was 7.7%. Moreover, during the mentioned period, 7,398 cases of clinical flu were registered nationally, compared to 2,773 cases in the same week of the previous season and with 8,391 registered in the previous week.

The most cases of flu were in the city of Bucharest (1,181) and in the counties of Cluj (911), Braşov (556), Iași (412) and Prahova (412).

At the same time, 58 cases of severe acute respiratory infections (SARS) were registered, 13 more than the previous week and 31 more than the same period of the previous season, 216 cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza (22 with influenza virus AH1 , 44 with influenza virus AH3, 148 with non-subtyped A virus and two co-infections with influenza virus AH1 and AH3).

So far, since the beginning of the season, 1,725 ​​laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza have been reported, of which: 313 cases with influenza AH1 virus, 262 cases with influenza AH3 virus, 18 cases with influenza B virus, 1,127 cases with non-subtyped influenza A virus, five cases with influenza virus AH1 and AH3 66 co-infections of influenza virus with SARS-CoV-2, 27 co-infections of influenza virus with RSV, three co-infections of influenza virus with SARS-CoV-2 and RSV.

A total of 79 deaths have been reported so far, registered in the following age groups: three at 0-4 years, six at 15-49 years, 16 at 50-64 years, 54 at over 65 years.

Until February 11, 2024, a number of 1,072,186 flu-vaccinated people were registered in the National Electronic Register of Vaccinations (RENV), of which 1,047,548 were from the population groups benefiting from settlement under the compensated regime