Moruțan, emotionally destroyed, in front of a terrible scenario: what does his injury mean according to the doctors

Olimpiu Moruțan has just missed the participation in Euro 2024 (June 14 – July 14, Germany), after a qualification campaign in which he was one of the key men of the selector Edward Iordănescu. The truth showed here the figures of the midfielder in the ten stages of the preliminaries.

Olimpiu Moruțan. PHOTO: Platform X

According to the information received “on sources“, Moruțan (24 years old) is in an extremely bad emotional state. Because, in addition to the definite loss of the final tournament, his career as a high-level footballer is also at stake! Doctor Pompiliu Popescu, former doctor of the national team, explained to “Fanatik”: “Few have returned to football at a good level after such an injury. Mihai Roman, who had a torn Achilles tendon while playing in Toulouse, managed to recover. The injury is very serious and very complicated“.

pump” he then detailed why we are talking about a problem that can leave deep traces for a footballer: “The tendon bears a very high load when sprinting and braking. Once it has been broken there is a risk of it being broken again. Or you can still play professional football, but as a trick, as an alibi“.

The national program in the next period

*June 4 (friendly): Romania – Bulgaria, live on Prima TV & Radio Romania News

*June 7 (friendly): Romania – Liechtenstein, live on Antena 1 & Radio Romania News

Match dates for Euro 2024, group E

*June 17: Romania – Ukraine (Munich, 16.00), Belgium – Slovakia (Frankfurt, 19.00)

*June 21: Slovakia – Ukraine (Dusseldorf, 16.00)

*June 22: Belgium – Romania (Koln, 22.00)

*June 26: Slovakia – Romania (Frankfurt, 19.00), Ukraine – Belgium (Stuttgart, 19.00)