Nadia Comăneci, celebrated on Women's Day by the daily newspaper L'Equipe. The revelations of the Halep legend

On March 8, the prestigious French publication L'Equipe reviewed the great sportswomen of the world on this special date. Among them was former gymnast Nadia Comăneci, who was chosen for the cover and 4 pages were dedicated to her. She revealed how she came to practice this sport, why she left Romania, but also what her relationship is with Simona Halep.

Nadia Comăneci, on the cover of L'Equipe magazine

“It was so long ago… Sometimes I sit and think about what this little girl did to give me this life. I had no desire to change the world. I didn't want to be special, unique, make history or break records. Today's generations are looking to define who they are before committing.

I didn't have this ambition or even such a dream. There are many opportunities for women now. Gymnastics first saved my adolescence. Without gymnastics, I would probably have been like a boat, a drifting one. I was able to find myself without ever thinking it might be a quest.” said Nadia Comăneci for L'Équipe, quoted by ProSport.

He fled Romania because he had no future in the country

A chapter of the interview is related to Nicolae Ceaușescu's escape from Romania, which took place in November 1989. Nadia explained that she chose to resort to this gesture because she realized that the future in Romania was not an optimistic one. “This departure from the country was generated by this process that pushed me all the time to progress. I left because I wanted to find out what the future holds for me. However, I had no future in Romania at that time.

Rather than waiting, enduring a life that would have been imposed on me, and because I don't like to complain, I wanted to act, to give myself a chance to open the next chapter. I had already risked a lot, I did not hesitate to face what this departure would entail”said Nadia Comăneci.

He goes shopping with Simona Halep

A topic touched on was the one related to Simona Halep. “All of Romania is now behind her. At first, it wasn't like that. She needed to feel trusted people around her, to be strong in the decisive moments of a match and in the more complicated stages of her career. It's good to see familiar faces. That can make the difference between a good day and a bad one.

I can't afford to give him tactical advice. I don't have the necessary training. She has a coach for that. We talk about all kinds of things, women's things. And we like to go shopping together.” revealed Nadia Comăneci.