Nicolae Ciucă says that PNL and PSD are separately looking for solutions for the Capital City Hall

The president of the Liberals, Nicolae Ciucă, stated on Wednesday that PNL and PSD are running two similar polls, with two different polling houses, for the nomination of the candidate for the Capital City Hall, noting that, after their results, a decision will be made in the leadership forums of the two political formations and then in the governing coalition.

Nicolae Ciucă, president of PNL Vrancea

Asked, in a program on Antena 3, if he is ready to submit the name of the candidate for the Capital City Hall, Nicolae Ciucă answered: “Not yet”, writes Agerpres.

“For this position, at the moment, at the level of the National Liberal Party, there is a series of analyzes underway. Of course, we have a possible candidate in the person of Sebastian Burduja, who is also the interim president of the Bucharest branch, but we believe that, following the polls and the figures that resulted from the citizens' options, we need to identify the best solution for Bucharest. Bucharest needs at the moment everything that can mean the value and virtue of a manager who makes the best decisions for the people of Bucharest. We must have this correlation between the expectations of the citizens of Bucharest and the future mayor of the Capital”declared Nicolae Ciucă, at ​​Antena 3.

He appreciated that “enough time left” for the nomination of this candidate.

According to Ciucă, PSD and PNL are separately looking for the best solutions.

Now we look for the solutions separately. Each of the two parties will conduct its own survey. It is absolutely important to come up with those people, personalities who can really align themselves with the citizens' expectations”, added Ciucă, noting that it is important for politicians to respect the promises made in the campaign.

Also, when asked if solutions are sought outside the parties, from the business area, Nicolae Ciucă stated: “Not necessarily”.

“It is necessary for the political parties to look outside the parties, to open the doors, to open the gates, to fill the human resources of the parties with people who have achieved something in their lives”, stated Nicolae Ciucă.

The PNL leader mentioned that the two political formations are running two similar polls, with two different polling houses.

I think it is also a fair issue when two political parties run two similar polls, with two different polling houses, because, after all, beyond the results, we must also validate the quality of the polls that the respective houses did“, the PNL leader also said.

Asked if the same names will be polled, Ciucă said: “Of course. And the questions must be similar”.

We are going to conduct these polls and after these polls we will have a decision at the level of each party, because it is normal to make decisions in the party's leadership forums, after which we make a decision in the coalition”the PNL president pointed out.