Rome, Dubai and Paris, the cities most sought after by Romanians for holidays and city breaks in 2024

Rome, Dubai and Paris are among the most sought after by Romanians for vacations and city breaks this year, according to an analysis carried out by a travel platform.

Rome, Dubai and Paris are among the most sought-after destinations

Rome ranks first in the top of Romanians' preferences, 19% of those who planned their trips on the platform between January 1 and February 12, 2024 opting for this destination. The prices of a city break (return flight + hotel) in Rome for the first half of this year start from only 79 euros/person/night, it is mentioned in a press release from the travel platform.

In second place is Dubai, a destination sought by 17% of users. For Dubai, the price of a city break on, which consists of a return flight and two nights' accommodation at a 4-star hotel, starts at 211 euros/person.

With 12% of people opting for this destination, Paris remains a city that attracts Romanian visitors with its special charm and bohemian atmosphere. Those who wish to visit it this year can pay only 113 euros/person for a return flight and two nights' hotel accommodation.

On the next two positions are Barcelona (11%) and Milan (10%). Both cities offer a unique combination of vibrant culture, impressive architecture and an energetic atmosphere, perfect for a memorable holiday.

In sixth place in the top of Romanians' preferences is Istanbul, chosen by 8% of travelers. Rimini (7%) and Venice (6%) complete the list of European destinations preferred by Romanians.

The destinations that attract Romanians wishing for a beach holiday are Antalya (6%) and Paphos (5%).

The year 2024 promises to be a year full of travel for Romanians, with various destinations and many memorable experiences planned. They took advantage of the promotions specific to the beginning of the year and showed a real interest in the immediate planning of this year's holidays“, said Diana Hăprean, the representative of the travel platform, quoted in the press release.

According to analysts, the tendency of Romanians in January and in the first half of February was to opt for vacations and city breaks for the next period, planning their trips with a start date within the next 14 days from the moment reservation. Another interesting aspect to note is the fact that Romanians are predominantly interested in traveling for two, 79% of users are looking for city breaks and vacations for 2 people.

The study was compiled based on all searches for flight and accommodation packages carried out on the travel platform between January 1 and February 12, 2023. The searches analyzed were for trips that would take place during the year 2024.