Nightmare holiday for a Romanian family who went to Greece by car: they were left without BMW, money and documents. “He came into the house on top of us”

A family of Romanians, who went on vacation by car in the peninsula of Halkidiki, Greece, went through nightmare moments. Their car was stolen from the parking lot, in which they had documents, goods and money. “He came into the house over us,” said the owner of the car.

The car stolen from Greece PHOTO: Gabriela Gaby/FB

The owner of the car asked for people’s help on Sunday, June 23, 2024, on the “Greece Forum” Facebook group. The car, a BMW, was stolen from him in Pefkochori, near Elephant Beach, at around 2.50am.

“The car stolen from Pefkochori! Please help me find her!”the Romanian wrote in despair, also publishing a photo of the car.

From the first information, an individual with his face covered would have found an open door at the villa where they were staying, took the car key from the table and stole the car.

In the car were several goods, a significant amount of money, but also the documents they had. Everything happened during the night, when the owners of the villa and the tourists staying were sleeping.

He entered the house after us and took the keys from the table”, said the woman.

“Sounds to me like he’s conspiring with the owners of the Villa,” said a follower of the page “Greece Forum”.

“It’s not the case, it’s something like that!! The owners are doing their best to find it! They also entered the neighbors and took phones, tablets, laptops”claims the Romanian.

Romanian tourist: “I went to see if there were places on the beach. I was absent for 10 minutes”

Also in the Halkidiki peninsula, a Romanian woke up with a broken car. He wrote on Facebook what happened when he left the car unattended.

Be very careful about what you leave in cars. I was robbed of a sum of money by this gentleman, who by appearances is not acting alone. I was away from the car for 10 minutes at most. I don’t know what device they have, but they only opened my trunk. It happened at orange beach, I just went down to see if there were seats and came back“, claims the Romanian, on Facebook.

“I read, I am horrified and saddened. It is simply outrageous that these specimens have ended up doing harm here as well. I have been to the island four times in different years, but I have not suffered anything like this. Sorry for the unpleasant experience!”, wrote a woman.

“Update! He also stole from another car, on the same day half an hour apart. The car has normal central locking… He only unlocked my trunk, not the doors… he had a device, I also reported to the police and it’s not my first offense. My camera only records shock, in the video you can hear him unlocking only the trunk, I don’t know how but he succeeded“, said the Romanian.