Octavian Saiu and Matei Vişniec enter into dialogue with great artists during the FITS PROGRAM conferences

This year's edition of the Sibiu International Theater Festival brings to the public dozens of prominent personalities of the cultural life, within the series of special conferences.

Playwright Matei Vișniec will be one of the moderators. PHOTO: Dragos Dumitru

A number of 21 special conferences will take place during the 10 days of FITS, most of the events being moderated by theater critic Octavian Saiu and playwright Matei Vişniec.

For 10 days, Octavian Saiu will engage in dialogue with Mikhail Baryshnikov, Jan Fabre, Tim Robbins, John Malkovich or Neil Labute, while playwright Matei Vişniec will moderate special conferences with Pippo Delbono, Lukasz Twarkowski, Joachim Umlauf or Herve Koubi. Access to the special conferences within FITS is free, subject to available seats.

We invite the public to take part in these unique meetings that we offer without a ticket, but with great efforts that we do every year. It is extraordinary to be able to dialogue with names like Mikhail Baryshnikov, Jan Fabre, Tim Robbins, John Malkovich, Pippo Delbono, Herve Koubi or Neil Labute. They are huge personalities that we not only invite to present their shows, but here we also invite them to conferences, so that we all receive as much as possible from the wealth of their knowledge”, declares Constantin Chiriac, President of FITS.

Mikhail Baryshnikov and John Malkovich among the special guests

Friday, June 21, the series of special conferences opens at 10:30 a.m. with a meeting with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Jan Fabre, on the occasion of the official inauguration of the video installation “Not once”.

From 15:00, Father Constantin Necula, who will speak “About friendship. Simply” at the “Holy Trinity” Metropolitan Cathedral in Sibiu. Also on Friday, from 16:00, at the Hall of Mirrors at the Democratic Forum of Germans, Octavian Saiu moderates the conference with Mikhail Baryshnikov and Jan Fabre. On Saturday, June 22, the conferences with Pippo Delbono (from 12:00) and Tim Robbins (from 14:00) are scheduled, also at the Hall of Mirrors at the Democratic Forum of Germans. On Sunday, June 23, Matei Vişniec enters into a dialogue with the Polish artist Lukasz Twarkowski, in an event that is part of the Poland-Romania Cultural Season 2024-2025. Also on Sunday, Octavian Saiu will hold a dialogue with the Romanian ambassador to Austria, Emil Hurezeanu, and with Emanuel Tăvală on the subject of the book “Prominent Romanians from Old Vienna” signed by Professor Nicolae Dura. The series of conferences on June 23 ends with a discussion between the artist Dan Perjovschi, Matei Câltia and Monica Dănilă about the Şona AIR residency.

Monday, June 24, brings two special conferences moderated by Matei Vişniec with Joachim Umlauf, the director of the Goethe Institute in Romania and with the Spanish choreographer Rafaela Carrasco.

On Tuesday, June 25, Octavian Saiu talks with Gilda Lazăr, Po-Cheng Tsai and Gigi Căciuleanu during the JTI meetings, while on Wednesday, June 26, Matei Vişniec has invited the Spanish choreographer David Gutiérrez.

On Thursday, June 27, the special conference is scheduled with John Malkovich and Ingeborga Dapkunaite, who will talk with Octavian Saiu about the show “In the loneliness of the cotton fields” and about many other things at the Hall of Mirrors, from 12:00.

Also on Thursday, Matei Vişniec will discuss from 14:00 with the French choreographer Herve Koubi, about the show that his company brings to FITS this year. On Friday, June 28, a special conference is scheduled to mark the Centenary of the French Institute in Romania.

On Saturday, June 29, Octavian Saiu moderates 3 special conferences: from 12:00 with Emil Hurezeanu and Rudolf Graf, from 14:00 with the playwright Neil Labute and from 16:00 with the cultural entrepreneur of German origin Jochen Sandig .

Also on Saturday, June 29, Constantin Necula holds a conference on “Brotherhood – Dialogue with the Neighbor” at the “Holy Trinity” Metropolitan Cathedral.

The series of special conferences ends on Sunday, June 30, with the same Octavian Saiu. From 12:00, the theater critic will have a dialogue with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, and from 13:00 he will hold a conference in which he will draw the conclusions of this edition of the Festival.

International Performance Scholarship Conferences

Another important series of conferences is the one within the Sibiu International Showcase. Between June 24 and 27, the Sibiu public will be able to attend talks with big names of the world artistic world, including Alicia Adams, vice-president of International Programming and Dance at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Lisa Richards Toney, President and Chief Executive of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP), Lee Hong Low, Creative Director of Factory International and Manchester International Festival (MIF), Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive of Scotland's Edinburgh Festival Fringe or Harold David, co-chairman of the Off Avignon Festival in France.

The events of the International Showcase Exchange are held at the Faust Hall of the MyContinental hotel.

This year's edition of the Sibiu International Theater Festival – with the theme FRIENDSHIP – takes place between June 21 and 30 and schedules over 830 indoor, outdoor and online events.

More details regarding the indoor, outdoor and online shows of FITS 2024 are available on the sibfest.ro website and through the FITS mobile application.