Odobescu: Our resources remain mobilized for the purpose of support. Glory to Ukraine!

Foreign Minister Luminița Odobescu said on Saturday, two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that Romania will remain with the neighboring people. The institution emphasizes that our country “condemns war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luminița Odobescu and his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitro Kuleba Photo: Facebook MAE

The Russian Federation has been causing unimaginable suffering, loss of human life, tens of thousands of destroyed families, destroyed schools, hospitals, kindergartens and destroyed critical and civilian infrastructure for two years, day after day, without mercy, including from Ukraine's border with Romania. What Russia is doing is a direct attack on the principles of the UN Charter and the fundamental norms of international law.” transmitted, Minister Luminița Odobescu.

The Foreign Minister emphasized that the war in Ukraine proves that Russia remains the biggest threat to European and Euro-Atlantic security, drawing attention to the need to support the neighboring state.

“Through this unprovoked, illegal and illegitimate war with deep and lasting implications, the Russian Federation has once again proven that it remains the biggest security threat to the European and Euro-Atlantic community.

Under these conditions, all of us, the international community, have the moral and political duty to support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their legitimate and courageous resistance to aggression”Odobescu said.

Similarly, in the statement sent on Saturday by the MAE, the institution emphasizes that the Russian aggression in Ukraine represents “the most serious threat to the entire international order”

“On February 24, 2024, we commemorate two years since the Russian Federation launched the war of aggression against Ukraine. This moment marked not only a blatant attack on the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Each day that this continued aggression reconfirms that the Russian Federation represents the most serious threat to the security of the extended Black Sea region, the European continent as a whole, and the entire international rules-based order“, according to a statement published on the Facebook page of the MAE.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasizes that our country, together with the entire international community, “deplores the loss of human life and condemns the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Russian forces in and against Ukraine”. “There can be no lasting peace in Ukraine without the accountability of all those responsible for these crimes”, adds MAE.

The cited source mentions that this month, “ten years since the illegal annexation of Crimea“.

“This double commemoration must also be a moment to reaffirm the international community's appreciation for the extraordinary sacrifice, heroism and resilience demonstrated by the Ukrainian people. In the face of barbarism and aggression, the Ukrainian people continue to fight for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as for its European and Euro-Atlantic future“, states the MAE.

Odobescu: Ukraine is Europe

Minister Luminița Odobescu also said that our country “proved from the first day of the Russian aggression against Ukraine that it is a solidary, responsible and principled partner, continuously providing solid and multidimensional support to Ukraine”.

Odobescu stated that Romania will remain with Ukraine and will support it including on its European journey, as well as near the Republic of Moldova, at the same time supporting them in the face of “aggression and hybrid attacks by Russia.”

“We stand with Ukraine, the Ukrainian people and support their sovereign right to defend their independence, territorial integrity and democratic and European course. We continue to stand by Ukraine until it wins the war and further in the process of reconstruction and European integration! Ukraine is Europe! (…) The decision taken in December 2023 to open EU accession negotiations with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova represents the natural expression of the recognition of the efforts made in the implementation of reforms by the two states heavily affected by the Russian war. (…) Our resources remain mobilized for a general effort in the medium and long term to support Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, as well as all vulnerable partners in the face of Russian aggression and hybrid attacks”, stated Odobescu.

The MAE headquarters will be illuminated in blue-yellow. Odobescu: “Glory to Ukraine!”

Thus, to show the importance of this moment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will raise the Ukrainian flag in front of the headquarters on February 24, 2024. And during the evening, the headquarters of the MFA will be illuminated in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Today, by lighting up the MFA building and raising the Ukrainian flag, we pay a solemn tribute to all Ukrainian civilians and soldiers who fight with heroism and courage in defense of their homeland. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!”, Minister Luminița Odobescu sent.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices of Romania abroad will support European initiatives at the local level, thus signaling Romania's solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.