Bitter hymn dedicated by fans to Marius Șumudică, after another defeat of Gaziantep

Gaziantep lost at home to Istanbul Bașakşehir, 0-2, in a match counting for stage number 27 of the Superliga. As the team reached relegation place again, the Turkish fans lost their patience with Marius Șumudica.

Marius Șumudică fails to raise the team from the bottom of the ranking. Facebook photo

The Turkish supporters chanted to Marius Șumudica, after the first goal scored by Başakşehir: “Tell us, Şumudica, why isn't the team playing?”, according to local media. And the situation became much more tense after the referee's final whistle which marked the 13th failure for Gaziantep this season. “Shumi, resign!”the fans shouted after the end of the game.

He thinks he will be able to save the team

“I don't know what was discussed, but we really played well and fought. We had 14 shots, but we couldn't score. The opponents had 4, of which they scored two goals. I think we will save ourselves, but we have to keep fighting. I played with Galatasaray, Fener, Başakşehir… we had tough matches. I came in the middle of the season. I don't know if the fans still want me or not, but I know we have 11 games left and I played well today. I dominated an important team”, Marius Șumudică defended himself, after 0-2 with Istanbul BB.

Following the failure suffered in the last stage, Gaziantep remained in 17th place, relegating, with 28 points. In Turkey, the fight to avoid relegation is highly contested, with teams from 13th to 18th tied for a single point.