Women's Day – these gifts will be appreciated

Wondering how to bring a smile to that special woman's face this Women's Day? Forget boring and predictable gifts. Here you will find a handful of gift ideas that are not only practical, but also have that “wow” factor. Because, after all, every woman deserves a moment for herself and joys big or small.

Classic, but always on trend

Wallets and bags

A stylish wallet or a stylish bag are Women's Day gifts that combine practicality with aesthetics. When choosing this gift, pay attention to the quality of the execution and whether it matches the style of the person receiving it. Does she prefer minimalism, or maybe patterns and colors?

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It can be a delicate bracelet, elegant earrings or a necklace with a symbolic pendant. It is essential to choose the jewelry that suits the tastes of the person who will receive it. Currently, simple, geometric shapes of earrings or pendants are very fashionable.


Scarves are an accessory that can change any outfit. Choosing the model, be guided by what the wearer is used to wearing in everyday life. It can be a classic solid color or a more extravagant print.


A warm and soft sweater is like a hug that you can give as a gift. Choosing a sweater, pay attention to color and texture. If you like this idea, but you don't know which sweater to choose, opt for a black or beige version in an oversized version.

Idea for a gift set

How about creating a personalized gift set? You can combine several smaller gifts into a personalized set. Here are some ideas:

Relaxation set: a scarf, small jewelry and a spa voucher.

Elegant set: a stylish wallet, a delicate necklace and a voucher to MOHITO.

Everyday set: a bag, a sweater in your favorite color and a printed scarf.

Remember, the most important thing is that the gift is tailored to the person receiving it. A candle or a bouquet of flowers can also be a good idea. In the end, it's about showing that you remember and are grateful for her, for existing.