Ciolacu, two years after the war in Ukraine: Romania will intensify concrete and multidimensional support. Victoria Palace will be lit up in blue and yellow

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu said on Saturday, two years after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, that Romania will “intensify concrete and multidimensional support” for the neighboring country.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky Photo: X

Today we commemorate 2 years of Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine. We act in full unity and solidarity with Ukraine, until victory and just peace are achieved. Together with my team from the Government of Romania, we will continue to work hard for a solid bilateral relationship with Ukraine”, wrote Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu on X.

In a message sent, on Saturday, also by the Executive, to mark the two years since the start of the war, it is emphasized that this act of aggression by the Russian Federation against Ukraine was one “unprovoked, illegitimate and illegal, in contradiction with all the principles of the UN Charter and the norms of international law that are the basis of the order on which the world in which we live has been built for decades”.

The Government of Romania mentions that “acommends the determination and resilience shown by Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, and believes that the entire international community has a moral and political duty to Ukraine to hold all those responsible for war crimes accountable“.

Thus, to symbolically mark the significance of this moment and solidarity with Ukraine, the Victoria Palace will be illuminated, during the evening, in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

The government states that our country has been with Ukraine since the first moments of this tragedy and has made constant and substantial efforts to support the Ukrainian state, as well as the severely affected population. Romania maintained a constructive, transparent and trust-based approach in its relationship with Ukraine.

We prove that we are a credible and predictable partner both bilaterally and at the European and multilateral level, thus contributing to the security and stability of the extended Black Sea region.

Romania remains firmly committed to supporting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and the Government of Romania will continue to work applied to intensify concrete and multidimensional support for Ukraine”, concludes the Executive.