The critic and literary historian Alex Stefanescu died

The literary critic and historian Alex Ștefanescu died at the age of 76. The tragic news was announced on Sunday, February 25, by the writer Daniel Cristea-Enache.

Alex Stefanescu. PHOTO Archive

“A news that mourns Romanian culture: the great critic and literary historian Alex Ștefănescu has died. God rest his soul”Daniel Cristea-Enache wrote on the Facebook page of the literary critic.

Member of the Romanian Writers' Union since 1977, Alex Ștefanescu (born November 6, 1947, in Lugoj) is the author of the work “History of Contemporary Romanian Literature (1941-2000)”, for which he received the Writers' Union prize in 2005, and in which answers the question “What happened to Romanian literature during the communist regime?”, according to Wikipedia.

The comprehensive analysis, including all the important writers of this era, together with many other volumes and articles of literary criticism and history, places Alex Ștefănescu among the most important critics and historians of Romanian literature, alongside George Călinescu, Eugen Lovinescu and Eugen Simion or Nicolae Manolescu.

Alex's story. Ștefănescu is also a wonderful book-spectacle, an album with writers, to the achievement of which, of course, the essential contribution is the critical text, very inspired, proving gifted as a prose writer, able to invent and support his characters, to understand individuality and reveal their particularities”Ion Simuț wrote about Alex Ștefănescu.

Alex Ștefanescu is also the author of over 5,000 articles of literary criticism, published in the press.

He is also the author of the play Melania and the others performed at the “Fantasio” Theater in Constanța in 1992 (with the title Love story in the elevator) directed by Constantin Dinischiotu and at the State Theater in Arad in 1994, directed by Sabin Popescu, but also author of the script for the 12-episode TV drama series Impossible Marriage (directed by Silviu Jicman, broadcast in 2000).

Alex Ștefanescu was a member of the Board of Directors of TVR in the period 1998–2002.

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Between yes and no, Romanian Book Ed., 1982 (literary criticism)

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