Pamela Anderson thought no one would notice she wasn't wearing makeup. “I feel much more sensual in my own skin”

Actress Pamela Anderson thought no one would notice that she wasn't wearing makeup at last year's Fashion Week and that she would arrive without attracting attention at shows like Victoria Beckham and later at big events like the 2023 Fashion Awards, according to yahoo!life .

Pamela Anderson, at Fashion Week 2023, PHOTO profimedia

Recently, in an interview with Allure, she said that the decision to come without makeup to such an important event was not meant to be “political statement“, but simply really thought that no one would notice this aspect. “I didn't think anyone would notice. I just thought I'm not competing with all these beautiful people” – she said. Then (with her characteristic sarcasm and humor) she continued: “I felt like a monster, like a little kid in all these beautiful clothes, and how lucky I am … and I wanted to appreciate it from that point of view.”

The “Baywatch” star clarified that she did this for herself and not to make a “political statement” about something or someone. “At fashion week, I did it for myself. It wasn't to make a political statement, I just wanted to have my weird little face peeking out of the top of those great clothes…– she also said during the interview.

Pamela Anderson Photo Shutterstock (archive)

Pamela Anderson Photo Shutterstock (archive)

The image of a Pamela Anderson without make-up was extremely different from the one her fans were used to in all her previous appearances. She added that she feels even sexier without makeup than when she's done up, which might come as a surprise to those who have watched her look since Baywatch.

“It was actually a bit overwhelming; as a Playboy or Bunny protagonist, people had expectations. (…) I feel much more sensual in my skin (…) it's much more intimate and vulnerable, (…) kind of like how your friend sees you, without makeup. It's almost sexier, I think” – confessed the actress.