Piedone, unprecedented attack on ANI: Files and prison do not scare me. I am suing ANI for manipulating voting intent

Cristian Popescu Piedone, mayor of Sector 5 and future candidate for the Capital City Hall, launched a very harsh attack on the National Integrity Agency, after the institution accused the politician of conflict of interest, risking not being able to remain in office and to run.

Cristian Popescu Piedone wants the Capital City Hall PHOTO Inquam Photos

The National Security Agency does not want me at the Capital City Hall! The wretched political-security interests want a puppeteer at the head of the citizens of Bucharest, not a householder who will fight for the citizens and the city, both!”, stated Piedone, in a message published on Facebook, believing that the brakes are being put on his candidacy for the Capital.

If the security guards and thieves of the country want a national revolution, then it will be a national revolution to wash the country of traitors and stinkers! For all security guards who work against the people, I, Piedone, announce: I am suing ANI for restricting my right to defense, after publicly announcing the report on the alleged conflict of interest before personally communicating the decision to me! I am suing ANI for the manipulation of the voting intention, given that the report was fabricated immediately after I announced my candidacy for the position of mayor of the Capital!”completed the mayor from Sector 5.

In fact, at the end of his message, Piedone said that he will not take a step back: ” Your files, prison and security don't scare me! Cristian Popescu Piedone is running for mayor of the Capital! Deputy Vlad Popescu Piedone is running for the position of mayor of Sector 5″.

ANI's allegations

In the case of Piedine, ANI noted the administrative conflict of interest because: “In the exercise of the mayor's duties, he issued and signed the order appointing his son-in-law (according to the first degree) as a member of the Commission for the sale of commercial premises or the provision of services that fall under the scope of Law no. 550/2002, as a result of which he obtained a material benefit (revenue collected in the years 2021 and 2022) in the total amount of 109,520 RON. Thus, the assessed person violated the provisions of art. 70 and 71 of Law no. 161/2003, combined with the provisions of art. 5, lit. f) and art. 228, para. 1, lit. a) from GEO no. 57/2019″.

ANI also contradicts Piedone, claiming that the mayor was informed of the prepared report.

The evaluated persons were informed about the initiation of the evaluation procedure, the elements identified, as well as the rights they benefit from – to be assisted or represented by a lawyer and to present data or information they consider necessary, personally or by sending a point of written view. POPESCU CRISTIAN VICTOR PIEDONE and ION ROBERT FLORIN did not submit a point of view to the evaluation file, in exercising the right to defense“, says ANI.