PMP reevaluates Nicușor Dan, USR Băsescu. How the current allies attacked each other in previous years

The United Right Alliance has reached the stage of re-evaluations, when the former opponents, only four years ago, are now appreciated for what they have done, both in the case of USR and PMP.

The head of USR, Cătălin Drula, came to appreciate Traian Băsescu for his political activity, after his party clapped for the alliance with PMP in the construction of the United Right Alliance.

There was, before Nicusor Dan's mandate, only one period when Bucharest went in a good direction – when Traian Băsescu was mayor. That in itself, if you think that we are talking about a short period in the years after the revolutions, gives you the dimension of the disaster that still needs to be repaired in Bucharest”stated, on Saturday, Cătălin Drula, in a regarding PMP priorities at Bucharest level, who requested that Nicușor Dan receive not one, but two mandates.

Drula's reporting was different two years ago. “Traian Băsescu to apologize to the Romanian people. For what he did and for lying to us for so long”, reproached Cătălin Drula, in March 2022, after the final decision of the court in the case of Traian Băsescu's collaboration with the Securitatea. “Traian Băsescu to resign from the European Parliament. Romania has suffered enough from the security guards, our country must not be represented by security guards anywhere, let alone at the European level“, completed Drula.

And PMP, which in 2020 criticized USR, PNL and Nicușor Dan, has now come to emphasize that Traian Băsescu's votes will go to Nicușor Dan.

I want you to know Mr. Mayor General that all his votes Traian Basescu, in 2024, in Bucharest, they will go for the mayor general Nicusor Dan, for the United Right. (…) The people of Bucharest know what the general mayor Traian Băsescu left behind and obviously we are glad that Nicusor Dan is an involved mayor, who has no emotion in putting order in the urban chaos that has dominated the capital in recent years and he is not afraid of the sharks that keep hunting him“, said Tomac, on Saturday, at the PMP event

Nothing for sale on the vote stall! If Nicusor Dan were a young man, I would pity him for his naivety. But because at the age of 51 he accepted the sulphurous compromise of eliminating the PMP from the alliance that supported him at the Capital City Hall, he is the first to blame, under the conditions in which the PMP proposed him and, dare I say, imposed him as a candidate of the right. Anyway, the PNL had no one to march with“, stated Traian Băsescu, in 2020, at that time PMP candidate, emphasizing that Nicușor Dan ended up being walked “like a bear through the fair”.

Arrows to Nature

And Nicușor Dan came with arrows to the possible counter-candidate, Gabriela Firea. “I am convinced that 90% of people have forgotten, but three years ago there were no marked streets in Bucharest, just to remember where we left. I saw the program you propose for Bucharest, a serious program. It's a vision for Bucharest and let's compare it with what the opposing party: PSD proposes for Bucharest. I wonder: if the PSD administration from 2016 to 2020 was such a great success, why is it not obvious who the candidate is? By comparison with the program I saw here, I think that, if “God forbid” the PSD administration returns to run Bucharest, I think that, with a little work, it can go from dinosaur eggs to super-dinosaur eggs“, declared Nicusor Dan.