Politehnica Iași drew with FC Voluntari in the football Superleague

Politehnica Iași finished tied with FC Voluntari, 0-0, on Saturday, at home, in a match from the 25th stage of the Superleague football.

The match in Iasi ended in a draw

The guests got their second consecutive draw with coach Nicolae Dică.

FC Voluntari reached six consecutive stages without victory, three draws and three failures.

Poli Iasi has only one victory in the last six stages, two draws and three failures.

In the round, Poli Iasi prevailed 2-1, writes Agerpres.

CSM Politehnica Iasi – FC Voluntari 0-0, Stadium“Emil Alexandrescu” – Iasi

Referee: Iulian Călin (Ştefăneşti/Argeș); assistant referees: Mihai Marius Marica (Bistrita), Andrei Constantinescu (Bucharest); fourth official: Andrei Moroiţă (Ploiesti)

Video referee: Marian Barbu (Făgăraș); video assistant referee: Claudiu Marcu (Constanța)

Observers: Florin Hîncu (Braşov) – CCA, Ion Marin (Bucharest) – LPF.