General culture test: “The famous Andrii Popa”

See how informed you are with the help of these 27 questions, classified by several fields of interest, in a unique general culture test.

1 Who sang the song “Andrii Popa”?

a. Holograph.

b. Hummingbird.

v. Pheonix.

2 What is the name of the point on the sky towards which our solar system moves?


b. Antelia.

c. Astrarium.

3 Which French-speaking Romanian writer translated certain novels into Romanian by himself?

a. Tristan Tzara.

b. Emil Cioran.

v. Panait Istrati.

4 What is the name of the black stone cube located in the Mecca temple and worshiped by Muslims?

a. Kaaba.

b. Iftar.

c. Tarawih.

5 In which country was the Uzi submachine gun invented?

a. Turkey.

b. Israel.

v. Lebanon.

6 Which great German philosopher was born in Konigsberg, a city located today on the territory of Russia?

a. Martin Heidegger.

b. Georg Hegel.

c. Immanuel Kant.

7 What was the name of the first American space shuttle?

a. Discovery.

b. Colombia.

v. Challenger.

8 What is the second title of the play “A Doll's House” by Henrik Ibsen?

a. “Daughter-in-law”.

b. “Sister”.

c. “Helene”.

9 Francis Rogallo's name is associated with which sport?

a. Parachuting.

b. Swimming.

c. Hang gliding.

10 From what material do the Russians make knives so as not to be discovered by metal detectors?

a. Bone and sapphire.

b. Bone and cobalt.

c. Bone and titanium alloys.

11 Near which continent is the Great Barrier Reef?

a. North America.

b. Australia.

c. Africa.

12 In which monastery is Stephen the Great buried?

a. Voronet.

b. Putna.

c. Goodness.

13 What is the capital of the American state of California?

a. Santa Monica.

b.Los Angeles.

v. Sacramento.

14 What is the name of the so-called “most armed man in America”?

a. Axel Duvall.

b. James Robert.

v. Mel Bernstein.

15 What does the fox steal from the raven in a fable by La Fontaine?

a. Cheese.

b. Bread.

c. Grapes.

16 Where is the carotid artery located?

a. On the neck.

b. On the arm.

c. At the foot.

17 Who wrote the novel “For whom the bells toll”?

a. Scott Fitzgerald.

b. Ernest Hemingway.

v. Henry Miller.

18 What is the capital of Ethiopia?

a. Harar.

b. Addis Ababa.

v. Bahir Dar.

19 Who composed “Traviata”?

a. Ludwig van Beethoven.

b. Amadeus Mozart.

v. Giuseppe Verdi.

20 What color is gurghiuli wine?

a. Rose.

b. Dark red.

c. White.

21 The invention of which musical instrument is attributed to the Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori?

a. Violin.

b. The piano.

c. Drums.

22 Which Roman emperor had a horse named Incitatus?

a. Caligula.

b. Nero.

v. Claudius.

23 In which ocean is the Bay of Biscay?

a. Pacific.

b. Atlantic.

v. Indian.

24 In “Hamlet”, what tree does Ophelia cling to before she dies?

a. Willow.

b. Birch.

c. Chestnut.

25 Which god in Greek mythology made weapons?

a. Metis.

b. Peripherals.

c. Hephaistos.

26 Which Spanish writer lost his arm in a battle?

a. Federico García Lorca.

b. Gabriel García Márquez.

v. Miguel de Cervantes.

27 What were the Viking ships called?

a. Drakare.

b. Schooners.

c. Skipping.

The correct answers:

1. v. Pheonix.

2. a. Apex.

3. v. Panait Istrati.

4. a. Kaaba.

5. b. Israel.

6. c. Immanuel Kant.

7. b. Colombia.

8. a. “Daughter-in-law”.

9. c. Hang gliding.

10. a. Bone and sapphire.

11. b. Australia.

12. b. Putna.

13. v. Sacramento.

14. v. Mel Bernstein.

15. a. Cheese.

16. a. On the neck.

17. b. Ernest Hemingway.

18. b. Addis Ababa.

19. v. Giuseppe Verdi.

20. a. Rose.

21. b. The piano.

22. a. Caligula.

23. b. Atlantic.

24. a. Willow.

25. v. Hephaistos.

26. v. Miguel de Cervantes.

27. a. Drakkare.