One of the most violent solar explosions in recent years has occurred. It could have consequences on Earth

One of the most violent solar eruptions in recent years took place on Friday, announced NASA, the American space agency.

Solar explosion PHOTO: Archive

This eruption is classified as an X3.3 eruption. Class X denotes the most intense eruptions, while the number gives more information about its power. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which constantly monitors the Sun, captured an image of the event.

The X3.3 flare appears as a bright white flash in the lower right of the image. It's extreme ultraviolet light, highlighting the extremely hot material of the eruption. Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy.

This eruption could have consequences on Earth in the coming days, such as disrupting radio communications, power grids, navigation signals, and may pose risks to spacecraft and astronauts. The activity of the Sun varies in cycles of about 11 years, having intense years, rich in solar eruptions, and quieter years. A new solar cycle began in December 2019. Currently, solar activity is approaching a peak.” writes