Ciolacu calls for the “accelerated expansion of dual education”. The stakes of the approach

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu declared, on Saturday, that he wants to have, as quickly as possible, a national program for the accelerated expansion of dual education, an approach also requested by the business environment, for a larger number of qualified people in various professions.

I was impressed today by the size and complexity of the works carried out at the Vard Shipyard in Tulcea, one of the biggest players on the shipbuilding market!! Do you know how many employees this construction site has? Almost 4,000. And they need more to be able to fulfill their orders! And here, as in Dacia or the Constanta Naval Shipyard, dual education is the only chance to have a well-trained workforce“, said Marcel Ciolacu on Saturday, after the visits made in Tulcea.

The Prime Minister also discussed the dual education expansion program. “That's why I want to have a national program for the accelerated expansion of dual education as quickly as possible. This partnership must allow us to have, as the business environment demands, 50,000 places annually in dual education in the next five years. Five times more than now”the prime minister explained.

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu announced, also at the beginning of the Government meeting on Thursday, that he will propose to the private sector a national program for the accelerated expansion of dual education through which there will be, in the coming years, five times more places required by the business environment in dual education.

Company at a bakery manufacturer

The Prime Minister of Romania also visited a bakery manufacturer with domestic capital “With a total investment of over 80 million euros, European funds and government programs, Fabrica Lidas is one of the largest bakery producers in Romania, managing to successfully face the giants of Western Europe in the food industry. It was a great pleasure to visit this 100% Romanian business today! Even more so, when I found out that this young and determined team managed to persuade many Romanians who went to work abroad to return home, together with their families. #ProdusînRomania at the Lidas factory is a Romanian success story which confirms my belief that there is a need for more programs like INVESTALIM, through which the government supports the establishment and development of companies that process Romanian raw materials“, pointed out Marcel Ciolacu.