PNL leaders are starting to run away from the test of direct elections

The PNL leadership decided to enter the battle of the heads of county organizations where there are no presidents of the county council or mayors of the county seat municipality from the party, but some leaders are already starting to pass the responsibility to other colleagues.

Some of the PNL leaders are beginning to circumvent the decision of the BPN PHOTO Inquam Photos

The president of the county branch of PNL will run in the local elections of 2024 for the position of president of the County Council or for the position of mayor of the county seat municipality, depending on the situation“, provides the BPN decision of January 31, where another aspect is also mentioned – the candidates for the two positions, if they score below the party's score at the branch level, are no longer supported for parliamentary elections, elections where there is a list vote, not a unanimous vote .

And the list of those who are already starting to evade is opened by PNL president Botoșani. In a press conference, although PNL has neither the mayor of the main city nor the head of the CJ, Costel Șoptică did not assume any of the candidacies. Instead, Cătălin Flutur, ex-mayor of Botoşani, and the prefect Sorin Cornilă for the Botoşani CJ leadership, have been announced to enter the fray. Practically, Şoptica puts her parliamentary candidacy on the back burner.

In Argeș, the county organization is led by Alina Gorghiu, the Minister of Justice. Asked by the media from Argeș if he will run, Gorghiu retreated. “If my party is going to ask me to do that, of course, I have no problem. But the issue was not raised, especially since it will be a separate discussion for the ministers“, Gorghiu pointed out, although the decision of the BPN clearly speaks of the assumption of candidacies. And Rareș Bogdan (first vice-president of the PNL), asked about Gorghiu's candidacy for the CJ Argeș, emphasized that the liberals have a good prefect, in Radu Perianu, “with a good project”, capable of fighting for the County Council. Therefore, if Perianu takes below the branch's score, he would have bypassed the parliamentarian, not the head of the organization, Gorghiu.

Other territory dodges

According to “Adevărul” information, some leaders from the territory were avoiding candidacies in other counties as well. Such a situation is in Călărași, where the liberals are considering for positions both people from the party, but also possible people who are now in the PSD. A complicated situation is also in Bacău, where Mircea Fechet would avoid a candidacy for the head of the County Council, claim sources from the liberal leadership for “Adevărul”. In Vaslui, the favorite for candidacy for the headship of the CJ Vaslui is the liberal prefect Daniel Onofrei, while for the main city in the county, the candidate is not Nelu Tătaru, but deputy Tudor Polak.

The situation in some branches is even more complicated. For example, at Teleorman, there is currently a third interim, after the resignation of Eugen Pîrvulescu. The first interim leader was Ciprian Pandea, then Nicolae Ciucă followed, and currently it is Daniel Constantin. However, the organizations need local candidates, because none of those mentioned above have anything to do with the county, and both the Alexandria City Hall and the headship of CJ Teleorman are run by experienced politicians with high chances of taking new mandates, according to the information ” The truth”.