PNL nominated its candidate for CJ Argeș. Gorghiu: Radu Perianu, a healthy alternative to the current stagnation

The Minister of Justice and PNL Argeș president, Alina Gorghiu, announced on Friday that the general secretary of the party's county organization, prefect Radu Perianu, was designated as a candidate for the position of president of the Argeș County Council.

Alina Gorghiu: Radu Perianu a fresh alternative for CJ Argeș Foro: screenshot

Today I had the great pleasure of leading a meeting of the County political office in which the fellow mayors of the National Liberal Party from Argeș County also participated because we wanted to nominate the candidate for the Argeș County Council. I'm talking about a man who puts people first, a man who loves Argeș county from his heart, a man who today received a limited vote of his colleagues from the organization I lead to run for the position of president of the Argeș County Council“, the Minister of Justice, the president of PNL Argeș, Alina Gorghiu, said on Friday.

The president of PNL Argeș listed a series of actions of Radu Perianu, stating that he was the most active prefect in the last 20-25 years.

He practiced for a long time a liberal profession par excellence, law. He is a jurist who knows the legislation of our country extremely well and is the prefect of Argeș county since 2022, so we can say that he is one of the few people in the county who knows very well the problems of each locality in our county. From my point of view, he is the most active prefect in the last 20-25 years, and I want to remind you as well as I reminded my colleagues in the organization that his control actions in the field of nursing homes were the most publicized in central press. Also with Radu Perianu, prefect, for the first time the situation in the hospitals of our county was analyzed coldly, a very complicated situation, a situation that not infrequently degenerated into dramas and I think that this situation of the hospitals analyzed and monitored by Radu Perianu is the greatest of, the greatest annoyance to the people of Arges. He also showed that in Argeș it is possible to do administration at the county level so that the institutions work in favor of the citizens so that things change for the better. He is the kind of man who will never keep his mess under the rug. Also as a prefect, Radu supported the rights of the people of Pitesti to be consulted regarding the issue of the Trivale forest and the court ruled in his favor“, Gorghiu also claimed.

PNL President Argeș stated that the PNL alternative for the County Council it is a healthy one, criticizing the current leadership.

There are many arguments why we can say that Radu Perianu is a healthy alternative to the current stagnation. It is a fresh alternative to the current leadership of the County Council, from whom, frankly, no one has any expectations that they will change things“, Gorghiu added.

Prefect Radu Perianu claimed that he wants to come up with concrete solutions for the residents of the county.

Today I was nominated and I was voted as a candidate from the National Liberal Party for the position of president of the County Council by my colleagues in the County office and by the liberal mayors we have in Argeș county. This obviously honors me, obliges me, and I am sure that I will not disappoint their expectations in any way. (…) Of course we don't just come saying that we are better and the others are worse and that would be the reason why they should vote us no, no such thing. We come with concrete solutions, we come with solutions that will increase the standard of living of people in Argeș County, and this will automatically lead to the correction of many, many issues”. declared Radu Perianu.

Moreover, it had been circulated that even the Minister of Justice, the president of PNL Argeș, Alina Gorghiu, will be proposed by the liberals as a candidate for the head of the CJ in the county. In an interview for Jurnalul de Argeș, Gorghiu said that if he asked him party to do this, it would not have “no problem“.