The cheap supplement that can improve your memory in just 12 weeks. Researchers are “thrilled” by the discovery

A daily fiber supplement can improve brain function in people over 60 in just 12 weeks, according to a study by researchers at King's College London.

Memory diseases can be prevented by consuming two cheap fibers PHOTO archive The Truth

According to the study, the pills, sold at affordable prices in health food stores, can improve performance in memory tests associated with early signs of Alzheimer's disease, according to the Daily Mail.

We are excited to see these changes in just 12 weeks. This holds immense promise for improving brain health and memory in the aging population. Uncovering the secrets of the gut-brain axis could offer new approaches to a healthier, longer life”, said Dr Mary Ni Lochlainn from King's College London.

The study, published in the journal Nature Communications, tested two plant fiber supplements, inulin and FOS, to see if they impacted muscle health and brain function.

The pills, which contain plant fibers that help the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, were given to half of 36 pairs of twins, while the others were given placebo pills.

Subjects performed better on tests that assessed brain function

All study participants also performed resistance exercise and consumed a protein supplement designed to improve muscle function.

While there were no significant changes in muscle strength, the subjects who took the fiber supplements performed better on tests that assessed brain function.

They showed improvement in the paired-associate learning test, which is an early indicator of Alzheimer's disease, as well as in tests of reaction time and processing speed. These aspects are important for everyday tasks, such as reacting to traffic or avoiding a simple imbalance that could lead to a fall.

These plant fibers, which are affordable and available over the counter, could benefit a wide group of people in these financially constrained times. They are also safe and acceptable. Our next task is to see if these effects hold over the longer term and in larger groups of people“, said teacher Claire Steves.

The prevalence of conditions such as cognitive decline and muscle wasting is increasing as the world's population ages.