Political reactions after the decision regarding the Roșia Montană trial: The disputes between former and current prime ministers continue

The political leaders competed in expressing their opinion after Romania won the trial regarding Roșia Montană, the nuances of the statements being related to their status, i.e. part of the Power or the Opposition.

In 2014, MPs rejected the project to start exploiting Shutterstock PHOTO

The first to react was the Prime Minister of Romania, Marcel Ciolacu. Both on Facebook and in the Government's official statement, Ciolacu thanked the lawyers who fought for Romania and launched an attack on the prime ministers “who put personal interests above national interests”.

We fought for Romania because it was unfair that every employee and pensioner of this country should be penalized for the mistakes of politicians who acted against Romania's interests. Thank you to the team of lawyers who represented Romania with professionalism, honor and honor! Romanians should not suffer because of the decisions of prime ministers who put personal interests above national interests“, said Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, according to a Government press release.

The head of the Senate, Nicolae Ciucă, credited the team of experts and lawyers selected by the Ministry of Finance, now led by a liberal, for an important role in the decision. “Romania wins the case regarding Roșia Montana! The Romanian state does not have billions in compensation to pay, and it even has court costs to recover. After nine years of litigation, this file is closed with a final and enforceable decision. It was possible to reach this favorable solution mainly as a result of the work done by the experts of the Ministry of Finance led by Marcel Boloș and the team of lawyers selected by the ministry. I thank all those who worked for the cause of Romania“, the PNL president wrote on Facebook.

The former Minister of the Environment, Attila Korodi, also had a reaction, the one who in 2007 suspended the procedure for obtaining the environmental approval for the Rosia Montană project.

I can't contain my joy. The company started with me and wanted to finish with the Romanian state in demanding compensation. 16 years of lawsuits, claims for damages, political pressure, foul play. God, I can't believe it!!!! I'm happy like a little kid!!!!“, said the former minister. The official mentions the compensation of one million euros demanded in court by the company, in a lawsuit against him, and the support he received then from several NGOs. “And we won then as well, and the Romanian state won this time as well,” emphasizes Korodi.

The head of state came out with a message on Facebook on Saturday morning. “I welcome Romania's success in the Roșia Montană process and congratulate the teams of specialists professionally involved in supporting our case, in the international arbitration process at ICSID. After many years of challenges and debates, both political and legal, today we are at the moment of truth: Romania wins the case for Roșia Montană, without penalties or compensation, fighting and succeeding in protecting the nation's heritagel”, said the President of Romania.

Cioloș responds to Ciolacu's criticisms

And Dacian Cioloș, prime minister during which the Roșia Montantă file was sent to be included in the UNESCO heritage, came with a message, arrows being fired at Marcel Ciolacu.

I hope that those who have accused me in recent years will understand that national heritage with world value is not for sale and that it is our duty to protect it honestly, to the end. Prime Minister Ciolacu will have to explain in the coming days why he left with alarming statements, announcing the imminent loss of the trial by Romania, which led to the increase of Gabriel Resources shares on the Stock Exchange?”, pointed out the MEP who was prime minister in the period 2015-2016.

Instead, Victor Ponta, who went down in history for the fact that from one position he opposed the Roșia Montană project, but on the other hand he supported it, had an ironic message.

I am very glad that the Romanians do not have to pay for the mistakes of Ciolos and other sorosists! For the rest – Ponta's resignation, because that's good for the sealsPonta sent me.