Pollution is up to us. Well-known professor and environmental activist: “We leave behind mountains of waste”

The population is increasingly aware of the problem of pollution, and ecologists show that the environment we live in affects our health. Even if worldwide measures are taken to combat this phenomenon, scientists argue that each person can play an important role.

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Thus, what we leave behind us, when we go to a picnic or to various outdoor activities, can affect the quality of life.

“There are, without exaggeration, mountains of garbage”

Univ. Prof. Dr. Silviu Gurlui, from the Faculty of Physics of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University in Iasi, spoke about this problem and explained why the mountains of garbage we leave behind can affect air quality.

“Pollution represents the harmful elements found in the air, in water or on the surface of the soil. This area of ​​pollution components is caused by industry, traffic, construction sites and each of us, depending on how much we care about the environment. We pollute with our personal car, either through heating sources at home, or through those sources that are born from what we do when we are on a picnic, fishing or other activities. We see these things in forests, in recreation areas, where we have mountains of waste that remain and disintegrate over time, leading to serious problems for the surrounding environment, such as lakes. They degrade under the action of other factors in nature and affect air quality“, said university professor Dr. Silviu Gurlui.

What steps can each individual take?

Scientists claim that each person can make a decisive contribution to improving the environment and the quality of life.

It is up to each of us to leave clean behind, to take care of our car and other sources, to be more environmentally friendly. If it's about cars, let them at least be in the technical parameters provided by the builders. I notice more and more a growing, positive civic attitude towards air or water quality. There are actions to make the population aware“, adds the teacher from Ieşe.

Children and the elderly, the most affected

At the same time, scientists claim that there are also people who can develop health conditions much more easily due to pollution.

What we leave behind will affect us and those who are more vulnerable, the children and the elderly. There are many figures, many of which are not in the public domain, which show that many people lose their lives due to pollution. There are pollutants that result from daily activities and we must make efforts to reduce them“, concluded university professor Dr. Silviu Gurlui.