Pop-up Shakespeare turns Craiova into a theater stage. What are the shows?

After 30 years of existence, the International Shakespeare Festival, Craiova transforms the city into a huge open-air stage and occasions the intrinsic participation of the public in the Shakespearean performance, in the outdoor performances and the performances built by the independent scene in the city around the concept of pop -up.

The Tiger Lillies in Craiova

The series of outdoor events kicks off on Thursday, May 16, from 8:45 p.m., in William Shakespeare Square, with a concert by The Tiger Lillies. The Shakespeare Pop-up Outdoor program can be consulted here: http://www.shakespearefestival.online/outdoor-pop-up/

Between May 16 and 26, the city of Craiova becomes a huge stage where, at every step, people will find installations, parades, improvisational performances and famous scenes from the work of William Shakespeare. The more than 100 outdoor performances are joined by more than 50 pop-up performances, where the community will be part of the performances, right in the vicinity of the house: “Pop-up Shakespeare challenges independent artists from Craiova and around the world, creating a very strong independent scene very close to Craiova communities, taking place both in public squares, parks, streets, sidewalks, even in houses and courtyards of blocks of flats. It's a way for the public in the community to get involved in the organization of the shows, starting with their construction – people can contribute pieces of furniture or props – and going all the way to artistic involvement in the performances“, said Vlad Drăgulescu, president of the International Shakespeare Festival.

Pop-Up Shakespeare is based on the concept of community theatre, and the festival team undertook the mission of mapping the city to identify no less than 50 urban points. If in the previous editions of the Shakespeare Festival the theater also reached the city's neighborhoods with performances, this time, people are invited to build the show, together with the artists. Performances at Pop-Up Shakespeare include Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, Jesters' Fools, Home Reckoning Doesn't Add Up…after the Night of the Fair Burglary or The Tragic Tale of the Prius and Timpea”.


The outdoor program does not miss the performances A Midsummer Night's Dream, from the Stela Popescu Theater in Bucharest – a show in which Shakespeare is our contemporary, Romeo and Juliet – a reinterpretation of the famous love story, from the MedACT troupe of the University of Medicine students and Pharmacy from Craiova, And if it wasn't a dream? Urban alternative to the classic Vis de Văra, from the company ALT EU, Teatru Comunitar – a modern and vibrant adaptation for community theater, Smashed by the British company Dandini Juggling with jugglers and a soundtrack inspired by Pina Bausch's tanztheater, Maclownbeth from Projecte Longànime, Spain, a visceral tragicomedy seen through the eyes of four clowns, Las horas negras, Shakespeare en miniatura (Dark hours, Shakespeare in miniature), Chile/Spain production by La Roma Teatre or Stow Pipe Band – a band using bagpipes, bass guitar, drums from Stow, Scotland, or the Kraken Orchestra of Systeme Paprika from France, a combination of theater and music, a bright moment with a lot of humor.