Prince Harry on King Charles III's cancer: “Any illness brings families together”

King Charles III's cancer diagnosis could bring members of the British royal family closer together, his estranged son, Prince Harry, said in a morning television show in the United States, Reuters reports, cited by Agerpres.

Prince Harry and King Charles. PHOTO Getty Images

11 days ago, the Press Office at Buckingham Palace revealed that King Charles III, who has been on the British throne for a year and a half after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, has been diagnosed with a form of cancer and that he will postpone his public engagements while undergoing medical treatment.

When asked if an illness can have the effect of reuniting a family and if this would be possible in the case of the royal family, Prince Harry replied:

“Yes I am sure. In all families I see this every day – the strength of the family unit that comes together“, he told the show “Good Morning America”.

“Any illness unites families”

The statement is part of an interview that was broadcast on ABC on Friday.

“Any disease, any condition, unites families”, said Prince Harry in the interview recorded in Canada, where he participated in the Invictus Games, dedicated to war veterans wounded on the front.

Harry and his American wife, Meghan, who hold the titles of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have fallen out with the rest of the British royal family. In 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down from their duties as active members of the royal family and moved to California.

Last week, days after King Charles' cancer diagnosis was revealed, Prince Harry flew in from the United States to see his 75-year-old father in London and had a brief private meeting with the UK sovereign before returning to California, according to British media.

“American citizenship is a thought that crossed my mind”

Prince Harry's autobiographical book, entitled “Spare” and released last year, contained incriminating revelations about his father and older brother, while a Netflix documentary series the British prince made with Meghan also made a number of revelations about their time together part of the royal family.

“I love my family. The fact that I was able to get on the plane and go see him and spend a moment with him – I'm grateful for that.”said Prince Harry in the show “Good Morning America”.

Harry was asked if he felt American, to which he replied no “not”before adding: “I don't know how I feel“.

He revealed, however, that he thought about becoming an American citizen.

“American citizenship is a thought that has crossed my mind, but it's certainly not something that is a high priority for me at this time.nt,” he said.

“My family and my life in California are just the way I am”

Asked how he feels being in the United States at a time when so much is happening with his family in the UK, Prince Harry said:

“I have my own family, like everyone else. My family and my life in California are as they are.(…) I have other trips planned that will take me around the UK or back to the UK, so I will stop and see my family as much as I can.” .

While the royal family tends to keep the medical problems of its members private, Buckingham Palace said that King Charles chose to make this public because he is the patron of several charities dealing with the fight against cancer.

Buckingham Palace did not provide any other details other than to say that the tests showed that the British sovereign has a “form of cancer”.

Following the announcement, King Charles III, who will continue his private duties, including a weekly audience with his country's prime minister, was pictured as he traveled between his residences in London and the east of England, greeting onlookers.