Radu Drăgușin, another disappointment. The manager's explanations after the 3rd match in which the Romanian did not play

Transferred to Tottenham this winter, Radu Drăgușin only collected about 30 minutes in the Londoner's shirt, but in the last three Premier League games, the Romanian remained on the bench. This to the despair of the selector Edi Iordănescu in the perspective of Euro 2024, but also of the Spurs fans, who wrote on social networks that “Ange must have something with Drăgușin”.

Radu Drăgușin shoots hard, hoping to convince the coach to bet on him. Facebook photo

Tottenham's coach, Ange Postecoglou, chose again not to use the Romanian international in the game with Crystal Palace, in the 27th round of the Premier League, won 3-1 after the score was 0-1 in the 77th minute. The manager of the Londoners complained that the team does not have more matches to play and thus does not have the possibility to use as many players as possible.

Postecoglou stated that his team's absence from European competitions this season decreases the chances of some of his students to catch matches, including Radu Drăgușin. The Aussie coach said things were easier when he was at Celtic, with more than 50 games to play, unlike Tottenham, who have 41 this season.

Too few games in a season

“For us, a team that wants to perform at the highest level, there is a need for a strong team, and to have a strong and well-prepared team, we need many matches where the players get opportunities.

At the moment, if a player gets injured, there is only one substitute option, a player who hasn't played in 4 or 5 games. The problem with such a player is that he does not have the necessary pace. At Celtic things were the opposite, it was much easier for me to prepare more matches, because I could rotate the team, so most of the players got enough minutes”said Ange Postecoglou, according to DailyMail.

The fans keep asking for Radu Drăgușin on the field

The Tottenham manager claims he wishes the team had taken part in more competitions this season. “I don't think it would have been an advantage or a disadvantage, it depends on several factors. What if I wanted to play in Europe? Absolutely, 100%”.

Even if Postecoglou explained his playing philosophy, the fans are not convinced and demand the Romanian in the first 11: “It's been at least ten games since we no longer attack from the middle, we no longer have long passes. Drăgusin can be incredible in attack, in aerial duels, but the coach prefers Emerson”. wrote one of them on the X network, supported by others: “Drăgușin must enter”, “Ange must have something with Drăgușin” or “We need a change, let Drăgușin and Johnson enter”.

But the chances of the Romanian winning his place in Tottenham's bottom line decreased yesterday, after Cristian Romero, his rival in the position, scored the goal against Crystal Palace that gave Spurs a 2-1 advantage.